Long-term drinking okay with enamel cup


long-term use enamel cup to drink, okay? The body will cause some harm it? Want to find the answer, it is the best choice.

some family enamel cup had a long history, basically gone through several generations of use, and now also continue to drink, then drink a good long-term enamel cup ? what kind of cup to drink the safest? want to know these questions, then pay more attention.

If the protection of enamel cup when, so long-term use is still very healthy enamel cup water, the basic causes no harm, so did not have too much to worry about.

However, out of fear of porcelain enamel cup, in which an intermediate tire iron exposed, rust and toxic. If only your enamel cup ceramic cup off can also make do with, if the bottom of the cup out of porcelain had to be abandoned, and while enamel cup can not be used to put drinks and coffee drinks, will dissolve out the lead and cadmium, harmful to human health .

so that these families like drinking little knowledge is that everyone should pay more attention and understanding, for they know in life choose what kind of cups of drinking water, there would be no harm.

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