How bought aluminum bottle washing


2020-06-04 friend bought a new aluminum bottle, do not know what the first note, do not know how just bought aluminum bottle washing, these problems made it to answer them.

and now people have a high sense of security, some people buy new clothes to wash Shanghao several times, is to buy a new aluminum kettle 2020-06-04 we have to discuss with how to wash before harmful substances, teach you how 2020-06-04 just bought aluminum kettle cleaning, we have to read it carefully.

The method of cleaning an aluminum kettle bought as follows;.

In addition to scaling a soda method. An appropriate amount of water into the soda bottle, filled with water, the fire heat, after 10 minutes, decanted soda water, lightly brush the inside of the pot body, can rust, and quality without the slightest kettle made of aluminum influences.

2. Method loofah waterproof rust. Take appropriate loofah placed within the kettle boils. After some time, remove the loofah, wash away the accumulated water, rust, back into the kettle, the kettle can be effectively prevented from rusting. If not easy to find loofah, used to clean cotton or "bean bag cloth" instead.

3. The method of potato detergent. The three or four wash into the pot of water in the potatoes, boiled three or four hours.

Tips:! Do not use tea, vinegar, tea produces tea scale, vinegar can corrode aluminum products

These are aluminum kettle bought cleaning method as we provide, we have to take Oh collection. If you want to know what the safest drinking cups, it is to pay attention to our small family drinking lectures next issue of it, I believe we will summarize the answer in learning, thanks to everyone for their support once again.

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