Technical characteristics of air to water heaters have several

Technical characteristics of the air heaters have several technical features of the air heaters have several an appearance. Integrated air heater belongs to European design style, home decoration and very consistent, generally placed in the kitchen balcony, not only improve the efficiency of domestic space, but also improves the household hot water habits. 2, security. Air heaters can eliminate the exposure to water and electricity from the principle, greatly improved the previous lack of electric water heaters and gas water heater. 3, installation. Unitary air heater installed on the kitchen generally recommend the balcony, easy installation, simple process and high reliability. 4, comfortable. Compared gas water heater, having no constant fluctuations in temperature; compared to electric water heaters, hot water having a central function of the family, the family can achieve central food, ready to use, while the unitary air heater cool air may also be provided free of charge for the kitchen, a radical improvement in the kitchen living environment. 5, save money. As the air to water heaters rely on a lot of air to absorb heat in heating water, so its up to 400% heating efficiency, a comprehensive comparison of operating costs, saving 70% than electric water heaters, gas water heaters save 60% higher than, 50% less than the solar water heaters. 6, environmental protection. Whole heating process air heaters without combustion, i.e. no waste is discharged to the environmental pollution.