Just a few years time half of the water purifier market is occupied by water machine

Water is the source of life, good or bad drinking water quality is closely related to people's health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) survey showed that 80 percent of the world's disease and 50% of child deaths are related to poor water quality and drinking water.

Water is a substance that each of us must get in touch daily with the pollution of the environment, such as heavy metals, today's water quality have already entered before. In the strange diseases rampant today holds many lessons for people of all basic necessities have quite high quality requirements, not to mention the water is still essential to our survival. China has a quarter of the population does not meet health standards in drinking water, "water pollution" has become China's most important water environment.

In response to consumer demand, began to appear all kinds of water purification equipment on the market, these water purification equipment is widely used in various lines of our life drinking, chemical, medical, breeding, cultivation, food, beverages, etc. each industry.

General Purification Technology processor is divided into three categories, namely water processor, mineralized water with the reverse osmosis treatment apparatus. Wherein the reverse osmosis filtration highest precision, because only 0.1 nm pore size, can be effectively removed impurities such as heavy metals and scale.


of pure water using a reverse osmosis membrane water purification by reverse osmosis filtration, and water for five filters are generally used to remove Usually the water purification water impurities into drinkable water. It is reported that China's first water machine appeared in 2010, the past few years, the potential dark horse water machine to quickly occupy a certain share of the market. According to the PRC data show that as of 2017 1--8 months, and more than 400 gallons of pure water flux large share of retail sales has reached 49%, can be said to have occupied nearly half of the water purifier market share.