Love poems Pu Lin- water purifier filter can be washed, wash it normal use it_1

Now people's living standards have increased, water security is increasingly being everyone's attention, many families have installed a water purifier, drinking water and use after purification, so that people's health has been effectively protected. However, installing a water purifier is not once and for all. (Source: Elsie Lin Pu feeds, invasion deleted) We know that the reason why water purifier water filter can clean, is inseparable from the inside layers of filters, reverse osmosis RO water purifier, for example, usually by the PP cotton, compressed activated carbon filter element layers, the RO membranes, post-activated carbon, etc., in order to achieve the standard drinking water was filtered. (Source: Elsie Lin Pu feeds, invasion deleted) so these need to be replaced, because the filter if not replaced in time, not only fail to filter effects, there may become a breeding ground for bacteria, causing water again pollution, therefore, timely replacement of the filter is very important. But there is a certain filter replacement costs, and some friends will ask, that if the filter is dirty, wash can continue to use it? (Source: Elsie Lin Pu feeds, invasion deleted) filter dirty filter is dirty from outside to inside is not what we see dirty surface, it's also full possession of inside dirt bacteria. This is because the cartridge filter is a physical process, by different pore sizes, pore size larger impurities, bacteria and the like outside interception, therefore, the dirt deposited on the filter surface more and more, and this is filtered from the the outer and inner filter, the filter also throughout the inner layer of relatively fine dirt. (Source: Elsie Lin Pu feeds, invasion deleted) so if the cleaning is in any case not wash clean. If the filter service life has expired, then it has intrinsic saturation, it can not work properly. Simple clean look and then continue to use, will only make the water secondary pollution, would not achieve the purification effect, but endanger their health. (Source: Elsie Lin Pu feeds, invasion deleted) there are also capable of cleaning the filter? In the market, we can see a lot of different types of water purification products, the type of filter is also very much. Of course, not all of the filter can not be cleaned, there are a number of water purification products filter can be cleaned.