Vishay Dayton charity Ezhou City of Hubei care for people with disabilities donation purifier

December 3rd is the first 26 "International Day of Disabled Persons", Ezhou CDPF joint enterprises in Shenzhen love Granville Dayton World Technology Co., Ltd., held a donation ceremony for care of persons with disabilities, poor and disabled for the city families donated more than 40 million water purifier.

In the morning, the municipal federations and sports activities gathered in the hall, more than 50 people with disabilities donation ceremony, the head of Vishay Dayton Ezhou City CDPF party secretary, chairman Gao Jian, municipal federations deputy researcher Su Liuying have to speak, extended festival greetings to disabled friends here. Vishay Dayton Ezhou company official said the company's growth is inseparable from the support of the community, donated water purifiers for the disabled poor, drink safe water is its own social responsibility, will continue to carry out activities contribute to the community poor disabled . Gao Jian to express my sincere thanks to Vishay Dayton poor disabled charity, and said that people with disabilities can not do without the strong support of caring accurate poverty enterprise, municipal federations will work together more love business, take concrete actions to implement the nineteen large spirit, to win tough fight poverty.

After the ceremony, Vishay Dayton company organized construction workers, conduct on-site installation work as the first recipient of the families of disabled persons, the rest of the water purifier by the District, Subdistrict CDPF implemented in the area of ??poverty Disabled family.


The picture shows the city CDPF party secretary, chairman of the high-alive launching ceremony speech


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