Chen Xiaocheng Cheng teach you how to drink will not appear edema


after drinking too much water, especially at night to drink more, get up in the morning you will feel the face is swollen, here Chenxiao Cheng Cheng teach you how not to drink water edema occurs.

bags face

Strategy 1: High pillows and black coffee

sleep booster pillow, avoid water accumulation on the face or eye. After getting a cup of boiled water, to play the role of a moist, will not let you edema. Will also help you to discharge excess water in a short time in the morning, because water in the morning and a diuretic to stimulate gastrointestinal motility functions.

face and facial movements alternating hot and

after hot water with cold water cleansing attaining about 1 minute, which is not only very good facial swelling method, but also can enhance the skin firming degree.

In addition, there are a set of facial exercises to lose weight to help you change buns face is oval face:

with the middle finger and ring finger of the pulp, rubbing his forehead from side to side position to push a push temple ; tap alternately middle and ring fingers on both sides of the nose, repeated several times. To both sides of the ear and then pushed from the lower jaw, and finally upward spiral with the middle finger massage from cheeks; thumb and forefinger and the middle jaw, the jaw stroke while the lighter contour lines on both sides, repeated several times; alternating hands stroking from the bottom neck to jaw, double chin was gone.

goggle eyes

Many girls get up in the morning will find their eyes swollen, then there is a possibility that water edema caused by improper. Many eye care methods, some simple common methods are: the refrigerator freezer into a small cup of tea for about 15 minutes, then use a small piece of cotton soaked in tea, then it is deposited on the eyelids, can reduce bags under the eyes edemas; bedtime light pressure in the eye with the ring finger belly central position 10 times, consistently every night to relieve the problem swollen eye; leisure do eye exercises, massage and more points around the eyes, increase blood circulation and accelerate to reach around the eye blood cells active.

Where available, Chenxiao Cheng Cheng cream or eye mask is recommended.

in particular, do not miss the best time to apply the following oh Mask: After one week physiology, estrogen secretion strong, better metabolic rate, absorptive capacity; the bath, while foam edge dressing, more faster cycle; after exercise, faster metabolism, you can addSpeed ??absorption; before going to bed, rinsing a good sleep, nutrition operations in sleep, can bring results.

radish body

to be tightened on his arm, the first lymph massage, the hand accumulated metabolic waste and loss of moisture, so that the arm slim down. The basic rules of massage is to stimulate the arm from the wrist to the roots, not too hard, to the extent of friction gentle strength to carry on. In addition, the elbow is also the site of lymphatic concentration must be carefully maintained. There are some simple stretching action is also able to arm swelling. Take a soft towel dried on the shoulder mouth slowly back to the past through the outer wiper arm, and then through the inside of the palm arm, armpit wiping up. This method differs from the simple cycle towel hand massage, it is more focus on "gas loop" arm to arm towel to friction can cause stagnation of energy becomes smooth, speed up metabolism, elimination of edema and fat.

ankle and calf, as the role of the heart to pump blood to, and "second heart," said the elimination of edema is essential for the body. Sitting in a chair front edge, legs crossed at the ankle, lifted up slightly; foot below the upwardly urging such as football, the top of the foot is pressed down to maintain a balance, stop about 8 seconds; left foot exchange do.

Chen Xiaocheng Cheng prompt drinking misunderstanding

drink will gain weight

MM from time to time you will hear around me that is quite sad to have to drink himself born physical flesh. In fact, the cause of the accumulation of the body of water, sodium and extracellular fluid and intracellular fluid, potassium imbalance in, the water uptake was not related to how much. Worry drink plenty of water will be fat, in fact, is the fundamental misconception. Belonging hypotonic aqueous solution, more water to sodium retention caused edema in vivo, but have an improved effect.

a lot of fast water

In order to keep the body moist, adults need at least a day to drink 2000cc of water to make up the loss of water in one day, so as to achieve "water balance." But not to say that the more the better, once the proportion of water in the body for more than 60% of body weight, there will be "excess water", excessive water intake on the one hand will increase the burden of metabolic organ in the body, on the other hand excess water in temporarily deposited body and cause edema. Science drinking water should follow the "small number" principle, you can get up early in the morning and at night before going to bed three hours each drink about 300Ml each of water between meals during the day and about 400 ml, usually have to pay attention to replenish, do not wait until thirsty to drink water again. Two hours before bedtime is best not to excessive drinking because sleep reduces the metabolism of the body of water, which is the main reason for our early morning "goggle eyes" of.

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