Intelligent and user experience water purifier market a new battlefield

The traditional water purification products enabled features only on water quality evolution, and this is not only contrary to the current trend of intelligent, high-frequency product does not conform to usage. Especially for water purification products that are likely to contact every day, the water purification capability in case of a draw, intelligent and user experience becomes more important.

With additional features become competitive water purification products. As the market continues to heat up, personalized, diversified consumer has highlighted, Innovation, and quality into the mainstream. For water purifier is especially true, clean water is a major pain point users at the same time there are many users "itch points", and how to solve these users "itch points", becoming a water purification products can No move a key factor in consumers.

As previously mentioned, there are currently more than 4,000 on the market water purifier manufacturers, products covered by up to tens of thousands of subsection, to exclude substandard inferior products, how to get out of the homogenization of the product each issue has become a water purifier brand thinking.

Unlike other vendors on water quality, water temperature, water pressure, water flow and other data, "obsession", clear beads will affect users of these parameters are integrated into user habits intimate features of the product. Direct drinking warm water, for example, will seize on this tedious steps "take water filtration, water heating, thermostats", with the water purifier "water" advantage, especially Germany Amy uses a new type of metal electric film acceleration, to achieve a "that was filtered off, i.e. hot drink."

In addition, according to common scene setting optional water temperature, for example, can be connected to the water when thirsty, farewell waiting process.

difficult to find, adapt to user habits for product sales opened the gap, and the use of the intimate functional changes in consumer behavior, bring their experience more convenient, but it is to increase user stickiness of Fuji Dharma.