The State Council recently issued a report entitled "State Council on the new consumer actively play a leading role, accelerating the development of guidance (Guo Fa [2015] No. 66) to form a new power supply of the new" file, which is read as "central supply side of reform "The first one introduced, clearly innovation and expand the effective supply, from seven areas force. When

"water purifier" included in the list of green consumption

"consumption in key areas and direction" of the "green consumption" described in the third section of the file, clear the "water purifier is "green consumption as emphasizing the specific content: the concept of ecological civilization and green consumption concept is growing in popularity, from an ecological green consumption of organic food have to air purifiers, water purifiers, energy-saving appliances, green appliances, building materials and other green conducive to saving resources, improving environmental goods and services expand.

This would promote the recycling economy, ecological economy, low carbon economy booming, ecological agriculture, new energy, energy saving, comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental protection and pollution control, ecological protection and restoration in areas such as technology research and development , production services to enhance the capacity and infrastructure to provide substantial investment entrepreneurial opportunities.

water purifier is the focus and direction of the consumer to upgrade

This is the first time the State Department mentioned water purifiers, but also to the way the State Department bulletin file are reflected, illustrated by the depth of home terminal purify the general public in order to solve the drinking water safety as the goal is to get through the water purifier national recognition as an industry, to enter the national team.

my country has entered a sustained growth in consumer demand, speed up the upgrading of consumption structure, consumer-driven economy marked improvement of an important stage. Upgrading traditional consumption upgrade, consumption booming emerging as the main content of the new consumer, and the birth of new supply of new investments in the field of development of related industries, technological innovation, infrastructure and public services, and tremendous potential for development and space .

Clearly, "the State Council on actively play a leading role in the new consumption, accelerating the development of guidance on the formation of new supply new impetus" The introduction of new consumer is better to play a leading role, accelerating the development of new supply power to form a new economic development with program and significant directional!

this policy reflects the national importance of safe drinking water, healthy drinking consensus gradually formed. With the popularity of water purifier, a growing number of schools, offices, hospitals, Families began to spend water purification equipment, all sectors of society to recognize the importance of healthy drinking water.

Whether it is for every water industry practitioners, or corporate entity, the State Council issued guidance document, it will greatly inspire people of every clean water. As China's energy-saving new era of health industry groups, to do is to respond positively to policy advice, going all out, and strive leaps and bounds.

select the installation of the water purifier 10 Reasons

1, serious secondary pollution of water, up to 765 kinds of harmful substances in water, in which 20 kinds of carcinogenic confirmed, 24 kinds of suspected carcinogen, 18 kinds of electroluminescent stones, about 80% of diseases, especially chronic diseases because of water pollution caused.

2 for sterilization, some people boil water to drink. In fact, after boil tap water, although the bacteria are killed, but the bodies are still residual bacteria in the water, a source of heat in the body, that is medically called "induced heat and mass."

3, the precipitate was filtered conventional chlorination process, the chlorine with water rot melanin synthesis as chloroform, it is recognized carcinogens world. Water till chloroform between 90 to 100 degrees is three to four times the raw water. Water has not been directly precipitated fish fish will die, but the fish and the large volume compared to chlorine poisoning on the human body is not immediately apparent. Bather when the absorbed chlorine hundred times during drinking.

4, boiled water loses large amounts of oxygen, cold water to water the flowers wilted flower is not spent relations oxygen from the water. Of body weight and 60% -70% water, the infant can reach more than 70%, the cell metabolism by the oxygen in the water to complete. So, drinking water is not conducive to the body of oxygen, the body's cells are deformed due to hypoxia, which is one of the reasons cancer.

5, well water, ground water is not safe. Acid rain, industrial and agricultural waste water into the ground on Earth caused by pollution, causing deep well although there is no serious water pollution, but its calcium and magnesium ion content, long-term consumption and easy to get cardiovascular, gallstones and other diseases. Deep well alkaline, acid-base balance and body needs, requirements of the body of water is weakly basic.

6, the national survey, bottled water Sancheng failed, which far exceeded the number of colonies group. Except for production reasons, the reason most of the tub, wherein the salt is contained carcinogens. Large-scale production plant for bottled water brandWater is the user's requirements can not be barrel barrel confusion with other manufacturers, because they are non-toxic ABS plastic buckets to do. Developed countries have adopted domestic water purification terminal. Southern star hotel has been canceled bottled water, and in the room to introduce purified water output port.

7, various functional water has been prohibited by the country, leaving the only path to market water purifier market! Home water purifier is currently the most effective national response to sudden water pollution taken the most direct measure! applied to natural disaster emergency rescue scene is particularly evident!

8, some people noticed the quality of bottled water, drink production date, regular bottled water production plant, and 3 days to finish. But still reluctant to use bought water wash rice, vegetables, cooking or washing white clothes, water pollution can not be avoided fundamentally.

9, many families will use the water precipitate, so that part of the bacteria, the precipitation of impurities, but the water tank, the washing tub is difficult to be large scale, solar water heaters heating pipe blockage is also due to scale and seriously affect their life affect safety.

10, the original intention of naturally clean water production line in order to avoid water pollution, and now our nation increasingly serious water pollution, when the river is no longer a river, the river is no longer a river when water is no longer a natural water!