Buy water purifier water purifier good grasp of the three links will Shoudaoqinlai

Currently, the water purifier is gradually perceived by the majority of domestic consumers are familiar with, and more and more into the homes of ordinary people. For in the early stages of development of water purification industry, most consumers it can not be comprehensively and objectively understand, difficult to achieve scientific and rational selection of water purifiers. So expectations, publicity, quality, realistic, and many other factors will have a drastic impact, all kinds of complaints, disputes, complaints, lawsuits and so often found in newspapers. In order to avoid similar "tragedies" happen again, I suggest that you purchase a water purifier to stay in God, in order not to "others" pay.


to buy water purifier water purifier good grasp of the three links will Shoudaoqinlai (Photo from Internet)

(a ) Why use water purifier?

one of the reasons is that our country's serious water pollution. Pollution pathways mainly to:

1, source water pollution. Shanghai has detected more than 400 kinds of organic compounds in the Yellow River water. The State Council, the Ministry of Health, Tsinghua University, and other government and many scientific research institutions in Chongqing, a survey showed that the type of organic pollutants in the Yangtze River and Jialing River water reached more than 50, more than 60 kinds, the incidence of cancer is significantly increased.

2, transportation pipeline, secondary pollution. According to a survey of 35 cities showed that finished water delivered to the user administered network, water failure rate increased by about 20%.

3, water plant water treatment process backward. Experts, of only 90% of the water pollution and microbial contamination of physical purification treatment, chemical contamination can not, such as pesticides, insecticides, synthetic detergents, heavy metals, various organic and inorganic compounds and other harmful toxins depth treatment, the majority of cities and counties, townships technology behind more serious.

(b) understand their own situation and the real needs

based on small series of narrow understanding and knowledge of how consumers feel the pulse of their own water quality, temporarily put forward pulse "5 + 2" Program. 5 here include the following:

1) water quality

we must first overview of the water quality of tap water at home, so as to achieve the right remedy, because of the ground water system. So, consumers how to get an overview of their own water it?The author provides a "look and smell" four small skill as a reference.

Wang: See Shuiju boiling water or water in the scale is serious, whether the color look muddy water or color, to see if there are visible impurities in the water, thereby judging at home water hardness , impurity contamination, the inorganic metal contamination (typically, red rust water, copper wool green water) and other indicators is serious.

smell: smell the taste of water, there is no perceived by the sense of smell or taste of chlorine bleach odor, smell there is no other smell, thereby determining indicators disinfectant water, if see a noticeable chlorine odor, substantially free of microbial contamination can be determined as bacteria and viruses, can simply use the activated carbon adsorption, without chlorine taste but other odors, which can be determined leading to biofouling.

Q: You can search the Internet to local raw water situation, industry, mining situation, or call your local health department to inquire about how local water quality, ask residential property, whether belonging to the secondary water supply and water pipes etc., thereby determining the type of quality probably contaminated.

cut: means roughly conditions TDS pen can test the water hardness, can be tested by means of water pressure gauge pressure data, required small pressure booster pump, the pressure relief valve needs to be tested by means of universal form Voltage.

2) needs

home drinking water in accordance with the consumption of uses may be divided into: washing with water, bathing water, kitchen water, wash water, kitchen water, we basically clear home quality " possible aspect of Asian security "after, in conjunction with a variety of water treatment technology premise, but also self-figured look, we want all kinds of drinking water after treatment, the water quality index reached what? pure water? water purifier? soft? [ 123]

3) household characteristics

family's age, sex structure, there is no special physical condition? based on your knowledge of the pure, clean water, soft water, looking back, what are these water quality not suitable for the family, the original needs to be adjusted to achieve due to man-made water.

4) supporting the environment

water appliances installation requires environmental indicators refer to the following: pressure, capacitance, socket, site area and space, sound insulation, drainage systems, sometimes you want to install, but supporting environment does not allow, these also require a combination of favorite products, check something.

5) PaymentCapacity

is water purifier filter life, need periodic replacement, in particular membrane, activated carbon, resin or the like, or, water purifier becomes "water" on, and if you want as consumers once and for all, long-term change the filter, water purifier might as well do it (purely personal point of view). To ask, under reasonable circumstances, the second replacement costs after the required maintenance, aging equipment and how much, can not stand to see their own, with limited ability to pay, it is recommended Cascade consumption patterns can be used, first with cheap simple water treatment technology to solve some of the water, "Asian security" issues, such as when conditions are ripe, and then seek more comprehensive household water treatment solutions.

(c) selecting the appropriate manufacturer or brand water purifier

1) water purifier brand

to wade through the Ministry of Health this document query the network, or call consulting local health oversight to verify product brand, model, etc. legality, authenticity, find out the true and false Li Kui Li Gui, choose a good brand is critical (as to how to choose the brand can be found in how consumers choose black, white) because water purifiers belong to semi-finished products, many problems can occur during subsequent use, responsible brand will try to resolve these issues in order to seek reputation, achieve greater development, irresponsible brand is unlikely to flow into the pockets and then pull out the money, this phenomenon is not unique to the only water purification industry.

2) water purifier factory service

As already mentioned, a lot of the water purifier is filter life, need for regular replacement, otherwise, it will become water purifier "sewage is" under water consumers are not familiar with the premise appliances, water purifier water purifier manufacturers and dealer service capabilities, service attitude, service system and other consumer appliances will determine the long-term water quality consumers, mature water purification agents will grasp the part of the installation, can basically avoid the shortcomings of water purifier industry.