How to choose a home water purifier home use

In recent years, as people's living standards are improving, and growing concern for the health of drinking water, the domestic water purification industry burgeoned, water purifiers began households. However, due to the lack of market supervision system, making the water purifier market chaos phenomena, product variety, good and bad, brand miscellaneous and chaos, so that consumers do not have a standard of comparison.


water purification techniques can be divided by the filter, activated carbon adsorption, membrane technology, electrolysis technology, several types of dissolution, which can be divided into microfiltration membrane technology, ultra filtration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. UF water purifier without the plug; booster pump is equipped with a reverse osmosis water purification, it requires a plug.

for the purchase of water purification standards interviewed the water purifier experts. According to experts, can be referenced from the perspective of the following seven when purchasing a water purifier.

a point of view: for choice in line with their own water quality water purifier

There are many water purifiers, there are many manufacturers themselves manufacturing concepts, such as mineral water machine, running water, water purifiers. In fact, you only need to know the most crucial point to only buy in line with their local water quality water purifier, as China increasingly serious water pollution, only to meet the requirements of our drinking water purifier to ensure the health and safety of drinking water quality, ultra microporous membrane can filter out water and sediment, rust, suspended solids, colloids, most bacteria, organic molecules and other harmful substances and retain beneficial minerals and trace elements, to effect direct consumption, careful human health care. Reverse osmosis membranes can filter out over 90% of the material, pure water, to protect our drinking water health.

angle II: for choice of the most professional

In recent years, the rapid development of domestic water purifier industry. After years of development of the water purifier market, as well as survival of the fittest of the market, some good quality good brand reputation gradually stand out from the water purifier brand, water purifier became the industry leader. At present the water purifier brands have their own strengths in different areas.

three angles: for choice watertight

purifier difficult to overcome the technical problem is to ensure that in any case the machine under are not leaking, leaking once, if you happen to business or pleasure, will lead the home stealing, bad bubble expensive flooring, even penetrated into the neighbor downstairs. Such accidents are common. Therefore, when choosing a water purifier sure to look for the quality assurance of water purifier brand.

angle four: for choice of food-grade material

Water is the drink into the stomach, must ensure absolute safety. Wading all components, including water pipes, filters, interfaces, should reach food grade standards, free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

angle V: for choice authoritative certification

According to Ministry of Health, the number of wading products this document statistics, the domestic health permit the water purifier manufacturers have more than 3,000. In fact, on the market in the sale of water purification products more than 10,000. The vast majority take is undocumented, incompatible sets of certificates, false evidence and the way in product marketing drinkers. It can be seen that there is an optional certification authority of how important water purifier brand.

angle of the six: ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes selected to be guaranteed

The core component is the water purifier ultrafiltration Ultrafiltration the core member film, pure water is a reverse osmosis membrane, the filter membrane directly affect the quality of the state of the water.

angle Seven: for choice improve after-sale

water purifier itself is semi-finished products, which is the industry consensus, especially in product the installation process is particularly important, with the industry saying goes, "Three products, seven installation", were indicative of the water purifier market is the need for a better system of after-sales service. After the general use of the filter should be in three or four monthsCleaning or replacement, otherwise it will be blocked or affect the water effect. We need more professional service staff carry out regular maintenance. This is critical to maintaining the quality of the water purifier.

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