De Muni clean water to their families to a safe

德姆尼净水给自己 给家人一个安全

Some people may ask, very clean tap water at home, why use water purifier it? Drink bottled water or bottled water is not very good for you? Question about the existence of secondary pollution of tap water is not news, rainy tap water at home the heavy smell I believe we all understand, as bottled water and bottled water, first is the high cost, the second is water quality compliance rate is low, authorities believe that bottled water is already a product of the high-risk . Therefore, drinking water was filtered from the terminal is a method for improving human body constitution most direct and effective. As to why this water purifier problem, listen to small series for you slowly come.

First, the way to solve and improve the water quality are generally: 1, source water protection; 2, water plant process equipment modification; 3, water supply pipeline; 4, home network terminals water purification;

Second, the domestic pollution resulting in decreased water quality;

Third, the unqualified discharge of industrial water exacerbated by water pollution;

Fourth, water pollution: the national environmental department statistics, 82% of our rivers are polluted to varying degrees; seven major river systems in our country, is not suitable for drinking water source of the river more than half; 78% of urban water in the river is not suitable for drinking water sources; about 50% of urban groundwater being pollution;

Fifth, the water flows into a residential area has become increasingly inadequate standard quality of life of residents;

Sixth, improve the quality of life, increased requirements for drinking water residents . Requires further purification of drinking water depth, in order to achieve health and safety, hygiene and improve the taste for the purpose;

Seven, water, toxic and harmful substances (such as heavy metals, impurities and bacteria, radioactive substances and fluorescent substances, etc.) harm to the body , especially for youth and women's skin had a tremendous impact;

eight, the severity of moderate hardness of water increasing;

nine, PH to neutral or slightly alkaline water fishes good for the body, but usually tap water does not meet this requirement;

X. drinking water to colorless, tasteless, odorless no different, no visible sediment, aquatic organisms and other disgusting material, but now after a running water pipe used for a long time, has a mainly the;

undecane, the water pipe network of secondary pollution: waterContaminants after the shipment, subject to a long pipe network and towers, water tanks and other facilities, very much in contact, there is a serious pollution problems, such as: rust, scale and corrosion;

dodeca the majority of high-rise water tank, water tower long without someone to care, lack of timely cleaning, the tank more and more variety of deposit, or even grow moss; poor sealing conditions, bacteria, viruses, or even rotting animal carcasses , serious pollution of the water quality;

XIII is closely related to the quality of drinking water quality and people's health;

Fourth, in order to drink healthy water, not the water All material removed entirely, to retain essential human right amount of minerals;

five, according to the Chinese Academy of preventive Medicine and environmental hygiene monitoring detected show that China's 35 major cities drinking water compliance rate was 23% ;

XVI in today's increasingly serious water pollution, household water purifiers people want to promote a high quality of life of healthy drinking water;

XVII low-carbon economy technology, conservation, health is a necessary condition of today's drinking water;

XVIII on water quality characteristics of each region, the Yangtze River and serious organic pollution personnel densely populated areas, and small towns across the country's water supply businesses and groundwater use areas there is bacterial contamination issues;

ninth, frequent outbreaks of water pollution around the world, freshwater resources are becoming scarce, when a low-carbon, environmental protection has become the focus of world attention, net the water is in the country has over ten years of environmentally friendly products, more and more people are understanding and acceptance;

XX, our water plant due to the relatively backward technology and equipment, relying on the original coagulation, the precipitate was filtered off and the crude, conventional treatment process of chlorination not meet the requirements.