Marco Polo purifier outstanding agents- Tongliao Lee

In early 2015, Mr. Li Zhenhua began struggling brewing individual entrepreneurship, environmental protection industry, he recommended a friend to him, especially water purification and air purification, said today serious environmental pollution, this area should be the future of China's Chaoyang industry. Lee then check online information, south of Guangdong decided to investigate. Before coming to Marco Polo, where he also proposed several water purifier manufacturer's inspection program. In April that year, Lee went to the headquarters of Marco Polo marketing water purifier in China.


In Marcopolo warm reception, Lee visited the company's product showroom, clean production workshop, under the sales descriptions for the company's development process and the company's a variety of qualifications, honors. He canceled a planned visit to other companies, the company stayed in Marco Polo 3 days. Ye, general manager of Marco Polo and water purifiers, water purifiers Marco Polo chief engineer Zhang communicated.

entrepreneurial path is not smooth sailing, Lee wanted to Marco Polo water purification agents, the biggest problem is not exposed to water purifiers, water purifiers do not understand and do not understand sales experience. Marco specializes in water purification and arrange marketing manager Zhang arranged for him with a water purifier knowledge, training and sales training, let him understand the company product line, water machine, ultrafiltration, business machines, each machine central principle product advantages, sales promotion, which allows him to Marco Polo products have a preliminary understanding.

Lee go back and start registering the company, recruiting, training, while studying advertising manuals, installation manuals, shopping guide knowledge. He prototype apart, construction and performance of internal research and water purifiers, and do not understand the problem with the notes in a notebook, write down an entire book issue, while Hutchison edge advice by telephone or QQ video with the company. Through concentrated study of ten days, he finally has a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the Marco Polo purifier product mix.


through their professional and tenacity, the Marco Polo Lee purifier first time into the Tongliao actually home, and personally behind the counter shopping guide, explain in advance store the same day sold three Marco Polo water purifier, this result to Lee entering the industry has brought encouragement.

In order to further expand the market and sales, he passedWeek visited the survey found that many hotels, cafes, restaurants, institutions, schools, shops are in great demand for drinking water, and few have plans purifier, Lee found a market opportunity, began to organize operational staff in these areas main push water purifier. Through this series of hands-on, he found channel, product and consumer groups there are significant differences, the need for targeted refining market in order to achieve marketing success, and recognized the importance of marketing.

In order to make Polo purifier established brand in Tongliao, a firm mainstream brand position, Lee always believed in Tongliao do is mainstream channels, as well home and home each Electric super; to do the image of the terminal, store the image; put in outdoor advertising, car ads, Marco Polo and promote water purifier brand culture in the local newspaper media, cultural products, set up shop in the district.

program, once enacted, General Lee himself began to build stores, delivery, product presentation, training, personnel, sales and marketing, network layout. Within a year's time, were set up:

a head office in Tongliao House had

two stores Cinda electronics store

three stores Yongfu Electronic Supermarket

four stores broadcast electronics store

five stores Sheng business hotel on the second floor

at the same time in Kailu, Coulomb, tie the flag to establish a branch

1522201640520460.jpg [ 123]

Mr. Lee adhere to quality and service routes, route management according to brand marketing, and the establishment of a squad, a special obligation to provide maintenance for the old customers, filter replacement, to avoid complaints and rework, while the issuance of new product promotional materials , highlighting the high-end quality, firmly rooted in Tongliao down market, brand awareness enjoys popular support. Now provide professional services for the following areas and water purification business units:

of the original group, animal husbandry breakout, Jianping, Liaoning, Fuxin, Chifeng, Houdin, Aohan, Tongliao, Kailu, Naiman, flag tie, Chennai Man of iron nine innings, China Railway 13th Bureau, ha white high-speed, Liaohe Oilfield, nickel-chromium alloy, Jun Xi Sadian, blue sky Indian industry, like Kellogg dumplings, he pulled a large Qin elementary school, Bo Yuan kindergarten, Xinghai decoration, this tree wood mill, Wang crane hardware, electronics, hardware Xiang Jun, Chihiro Internet cafe, bar miracle grilled field, Bo material appliances, plumbing Xin Tong, Northeast households substation, Su river water, Wen Jie supermarket, Sheng Business Hotel, Alpine, Xiao motorcycle repair, tire repair Xiao Yao, Bedford Jia Yuan lottery station, even Kui circuit repair, day-Wood, Agile Fashion Hotel, vertical Johnson and so on.

It is particularly worth mentioning is that the original group, animal husbandry, animal husbandry, the original Food Co., Ltd. is an intensive pig scale among the nation's agricultural industrialization of key state enterprises, China is self-fertile farrow large-scale integrated pig breeding enterprises, also China's largest pig breeding business.


Animal Husbandry shares of the original was built in 1992, after 26 years of development, the existing 84 wholly owned subsidiaries and two joint stock companies. As of December 31, 2017, the company has annual capacity of ten million slaughter pigs, annual processing feed nearly 500 million tons, the annual slaughtering 1 million, has formed a set of scientific research, feed processing, pig breeding, pig propagation, pig farming as one complete industrial chain closed pig.

The adoption of large-scale integrated farming model, is completely self-sterile farrow, the establishment of a food safety system and traceability system, realized from site selection, procurement of raw materials, to hog feed processing and other aspects of process monitoring, and fully guarantee the safety of food.

and 内蒙古奈曼 original animal husbandry, animal husbandry Farming Limited, a subsidiary of the original group, adhering to food safety, environmental protection, the company's innovative ideas, the purification of water, air purification but also has more high standard. General Lee with at Tongliao to adhere to product quality and service in the local creation of brand reputation, and strong support of the Marco Polo water purification company, after learning of the project bidding, animal husbandry, the original group's efforts to participate in the tender and the successful bidder, before and after as animal husbandry original Group offers dozens of sets of commercial machines, construction machines.


The winning bid, positive, positive impact on Marco Polo water purification products in Tongliao region to the next level steps to upgrade Lee future operating results will have a mark , greatly enhanced the competitiveness of Marco Polo water purifier in the local market.


Lee often uses the customer to say: Marco Polo water purification machines, professional brand, weWith the strength to speak!