Details of the optimization of energy saving water purification industry into a new selling point

Water purification industry General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China, Standardization Administration of China "treatment of drinking water in the core household and similar purposes" and "household and similar use drinking water treatment devices," the two water purifier industry GB, It has finally been made and will be officially implemented on August 1 this year. 节能环保细节优化成净水器行业新卖点

by the standards of water purification products structure, materials, performance requirements, we can see the water purifier GB high degree of importance in terms of energy saving for water purification products.

water purification products and the birth of the state energy conservation, low-carbon life vigorously promote and publicize the same strain, for the kitchen electric industry, water purifier advantages in the use of energy has allowed it to seize business opportunities. After twenty years of development, today's development of water purification industry growing, from Angel, Patio, the United States, 3M, Ann Star, clean water source, Everpure, and many other common brand competition.

It is understood that the family has been detected up to hundreds of toxic and hazardous substances, there are more than 10 kinds of common. So everyone needs to participate in energy conservation and environmental protection, "green energy proposal" to promote basic necessities of life, always consider energy conservation and environmental protection issues. Since 2003, energy-saving appliances has become a fashion, many household electrical appliance enterprises have realized that energy-saving appliances home appliance industry will be the mainstream in the future, so the kitchen has launched energy-saving, energy-saving appliances, energy-saving white goods boom. As the water purifier new show home appliance industry, arising from time to shoulder to solve water shortages, water, hunger, water pollution problems, water purifiers born with energy saving factor exists. Water purifier only to its own pressure filtration, and the utilization of up to 95% water, clean water filtered no disease; pure water is less than 50 watts of power, the majority of filtered water can soil removal either pure water or water purifiers, are in line with the concept of energy saving.


Competition is the water purifier products and services. National standard requirements, coupled with people's attention to health and environmental protection, so that water purification products to compete in the future focus on energy conservation and environmental protection.

in today's society, low-carbon environment, the concept of green consumption has been firmly established, and kitchen electric industry in solving environmental pollution as the kitchen will also be developing energy-efficient products and the fundamental basis. We can say that the era of high efficiency will become the development direction of technology trends and consumer trends of kitchen electric products, is the focus of competing products where water purifier.