Powerful combination, a source of strength to join Tsinghua Institute of Technology

Shenzhen Power Source Technology Co., Ltd. (power source water purifier) ??and Tsinghua Science and Technology Research Institute successfully entered into a strategic agreement, the source of power and water purifiers chairman Yao Wenbiao Institute responsible person to attend the signing ceremony, force source work together Institute of Tsinghua University, both sides will be the scientific concept of development, the spirit of "complementary advantages, mutual cooperation and common development" principle, give full play to advantages in science and technology, human resources, capital, market and industry, in order to speed up scientific and technological achievements industrialization, enhance the capability of independent innovation as the goal, and constantly improve the level of cooperation, expand areas of cooperation, new modes of cooperation, explore the establishment of technological innovation system to industry needs traction hospital enterprise and common development, powerful alliances, co-development of the water purifier market.

force source water purifier, a veteran professional water purifier manufacturer, is the water purification industry leader for many years, in the water purifier market, especially in opening up a vast world in southern China ; Tsinghua Institute of Technology, known as the "scientific and technological innovation incubator" actively incubation technology enterprises, promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements integrated innovation base, the joint between the two, is a perfect technology, talent and resources, combined with the platform. Power source of strategic cooperation with the Research Institute of Tsinghua University, is another leap forward after the power source of water purification company in May this year following the strategic agreement with AMD, marking the power source of the company entered a new stage of development, we believe that bilateral cooperation can play to their respective unique advantages, fruitful source of power companies can better surf in the water purification field, and make greater contributions to human health and water.

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