Sao Tome and Principe water purifier requirements and how much initial fee to join-

Service is the catalyst of enterprise development, quality is the lifeline. Sao Tome and Principe water purifier from the product appearance and structure, water purification capabilities, product installation, surface cleaning, and even the number of screw rotations of these terms and other details, all aspects of quality control, strict implementation of non-performing rate "parts per million of zero customer complaints, "the high requirements of the standard. Relying on superior quality standards, water purifier Sao Tome and Principe has made a series of certification, and obtained a series of honors. Sao Tome and Principe water purifier extraordinary performance, naturally attracted many investors to consult. If you want to know the requirements to join the Sao Tome water purifier and initial fee, or would like to know the Sao Tome water purifier, you can continue down Kane. Sao Tome and Principe water purifier initial fee is the number? Different brands of the initial fee is not the same as the water purification industry well-known brands, is not very high initial fee of Sao Tome and Principe water purifier, you can just put 3-10 million range. But this is only the pre-joining fee, if you want to shop, then there are many franchisees expenses, such as shop rental, staff salaries and so on. Specific details of the cost, can conduct a detailed consultation with the Commissioner investment Sao Tome water purifier. . (Source: Sao Tome clean water organ network, invasion deleted) water purifier to join Sao Tome conditions: 1 business organization with independent civil liability or personal behavior of Chinese citizens; 2 keen to expand the popularity of drinking water and water purification industries. health concept; 3 good teamwork spirit, sense of purpose, discipline, subject to management; 4 language ability, the courage to communicate with our customers; 5. have a strong desire to succeed and individual entrepreneurial spirit, have clear investment in development planning; 6 have the financial security needed to shop, shop and have the right shops. If you want to know more, or more specifically, you can call the Hotline directly Sao Tome water purifier, a phone call can solve the information they need to spend several hours to learn, but also without charges. In business this way, time is money, but do not hesitate Oh!