There are a variety of drinking contaminated water, causes the body infected with the diseases- - He

There are a variety of drinking contaminated water, causes the body infected with the diseases? With the social development and popularization of modern industrialized society, environmental pollution is increasingly affecting people's lives. A variety of daily life drinking water, also contain various contaminants, these contaminants must be harmful to human health have been affected. 1, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms to polluted water E. coli bacteria in general, typhoid, cholera, dysentery, poliomyelitis disease. 2, waste industrial emissions of chemicals to water contamination of pesticides, synthetic detergent, chlorine, pesticides, volatile phenol, substituted benzene compounds, and some radioactive chemicals, these toxic chemicals will be accumulated in the human body induced by a variety of human cancer. 3, heavy metals mercury pollution - nerve palsy disorders, language disorders, brain damage, skin diseases, stomatitis, gum, loose teeth, heart disease, cell necrosis, mucositis. Lead - nerve paralysis, muscle paralysis, brain damage, retarded child and fetal movement disorders, constipation, loss of appetite, anemia, muscle pain accompanied by muscle necrosis, kidney, cancer, neurasthenia. Arsenic (highly toxic) - cancer, nerve paralysis, unconsciousness, gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases, tongue tumor. Chromium - cancer, acute toxicity skin, skin disease, kidney disease. Cadmium - cancer, vomiting, vertigo, headache, muscle stiffness, low energy fetus, osteomalacia, stomach problems, anemia, liver disease. Zinc - alopecia, skin disorders, vomiting, headache, muscle stiffness, gastritis. Iron - water odor, irritation, skin roughness. Copper - vomiting, diarrhea, gastritis, Wilson's disease, cirrhosis of the liver. Sodium - excessive sodium intake can damage the brain, diarrhea, vomiting, skin tissue damage. Manganese - dysplasia, low fertility, skeletal abnormalities, neonatal movement disorders. Fluoride - fluorosis, skeletal injury, macular teeth. Only drink healthy water, people's quality of life can only be guaranteed. Currently, the increasingly serious problem of drinking water, a little attention in many ways it is possible to exchange an unexpected loss to the family to buy a good performance of the drinking fountains will make your family health are protected.