Household water purifiers cleaning maintenance Cheats

With the rapid development of modern society, there is a growing emphasis on health. Water is known as the source of life, but according to many news reports now pollution is very serious. Thus came into being changed water purifiers, water purifiers but in the end there is not so magical effect it? Decoration Xiaobian answer for you right away.

Speaking of water purifiers, perhaps living in rural areas have friends who are more familiar with this term, because a friend of the rural drinking water most of them are burning their own homes, there is no clean water that say . Of course, this does not mean to say people living in cities will be particularly aware of the water purifier. Some city people have this view: My family used water is bleached through municipal tap water, the water quality is particularly clean, simply do not see any impurities, we have never had to water purification, so I do not water purifier know what it is.

Perhaps many of my friends think that the quality of tap water in their homes is particularly high, you do not need clean water. In this small series need to tell my friends is: not less than you on behalf of impurities in tap water is clean seen, in fact, hidden in tap water of harmful substances particularly heavy metals and volatile substances. So if you want to directly tap water must go through a process: clean water. Water purifier will have clean water feature, so we say water purifier is certainly useful. Water purifier capable of all impurities in tap water after chlorine disinfection failed to eliminate scale, colloid, sediment, heavy metals and bacteria and viruses are filtered out by the water purification water purifier, its taste is particularly good, and can also be directly consumed, do not need to boil, so the method using the water purifier to the filter tap water before drinking it belongs to the family of best drinking water treatment method.

Xiao Bian remind you warm, in order to make better household water purification operation, be careful not to forget the daily maintenance of its oh.

First, away from direct sunlight

Regardless of water purification equipment, the use should pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, because the sun blue algae breed. Fu capacity of technical staff to remind the public to be on the water purifier properly protected, if must be placed balcony may have direct sunlight, it is recommended to build a shade cover or baffle near the water purifier, which will play the anti-algae efficacy.

Second, away from heat

The heater against too long baking,It will affect the life of plastic parts. After installation, the original use of bottled water, bottled water, a user-generated, so that drinking water safe, convenient, save money. But to note here: First, do often drunk guarantee fresh water. Second, pre-production water should be used for the first time in the water, some cleaning of buckets.

Third, the correct cleaning water purifier

generally water purifier on a clean pots, filtered vertical core unscrewed, after opening the upper dome, has two the nonwoven cloth, with a new toothbrush brush clean gently on the water, the lower layer (the layer that had a lot of stones) have downward plastic cap is unscrewed, there is also a non-woven cloth and two layers of sand, each gently brush clean on the water, into the water and then shaking the filter element and down a few times, and finally a water purifier are each rinse water, original look press installation can. About every month or so, it should be cleaned once.

Fourth, timely replacement of the filter focus

Any process for the treatment process is the consumption of material. So no matter what the user must pay attention to the use of water purification equipment in time to replace the filter.

filter replacement cycle

The water purifier how long?

The water purification filter products of different raw materials used, the effects and the filter quality is different, a common barrier material is mainly filtration and adsorption features, such as PP cotton filter and activated carbon filter. With the use of time, impurities in the water will clog the filter, activated carbon filter adsorption saturation will generally PP filter needs to be replaced three months, six months carbon filter needs to be replaced. Both filter can not effectively remove bacteria and organic contaminating microorganisms. After the failure of saturation is not easy to find.

a hollow fiber, nano-ceramics are purely physical barrier filtration. They filtration accuracy can be achieved 0.1-0.01um, can effectively filter out bacteria and harmful substances, the use of both the water purification cartridge filter product can be directly consumed. Since the hollow fiber can not be cleaned, it is generally placed at the rear end PP cotton and use of activated carbon, or relatively easily clogged, water purification equipment as a terminal sterilization using general 1--2 years needs to be replaced.

Because the use of nano-ceramic sintering natural diatomaceous earth, better filtration, 100% removal of bacteria and impurities. When too many impurities will decrease the water flow filter, easy to grasp cleaning time, due to high filter strength,To repeatedly scrub 50-100 uses, and each cleaning cartridge filter effects can be seen, it is the best and safest results, use the longest direct drinking water filter products.