Regional sales could not handle the water purifier away from super

? tycoon Changyuan Electric: being in contact, because the tycoon Electric has its autonomous water purifier brand, does not intend to introduce other water purifier brand, so the proposed conditions of relatively high point deduction is 30 points, slotting allowances to 10000, because it is a county-level water purifier store, still talk about the conditions. ? Changyuan IKEA department store: water purifier has been on a good condition, ZhiBaoJin 4000, 20 points deduction, May 19 water purification device showcase after you can play. ? Changyuan (false) Suning Appliance: is touching, no satisfactory water purifier suitable location, conditions are also discussed. June 1. According to "2009 Xinxiang water purifier market work plan" placeholder plan should be carried out five water purifiers stores, progress as follows: ? fat from the east a shop, two stores: being in contact with because Everpure this water purifier store signed a unique agreement, noting that high criteria: 40 point deduction, slotting allowances 30 000, but also to do further work. ? Dennis Department Store: water purifier has been on a good condition, received only 13% point deduction, internal adjustment water purifier can approach the position in June. ? Huixian Avalon Square, a shop, two stores:'re talking about, basically on a good condition, 20% point deduction, slotting allowances 3000. Positive effect after i placeholder:. ? now entered the water purifier sales of existing stores, three stores are not poor than some, such as P Plus Electric Pedestrian Street also better than the original water purifier sales in other stores. ? At the same time as the new advanced water purifier stores overall contrast of the water purifier market share, enhance the water purifier brand, so as to promote the sales of other original water purifier store. ? store water purifiers shopping guide now often say the sentence is: our company in Xinxiang stationed in the store is the largest water purifier, water purifier major stores have sales, but also the image of each store water purifiers are uniform . At present the terminal consumers buy water purifier mainly for high-end consumers, these consumers are accustomed to buying valuables super believe, I believe that high-end stores, so buy water purifier first consideration is super. We can improve the company in the market water purifier brand awareness, show the top ten brands of water purifiers strength, water purifiers show complete accessories, to show the effect of household water purifiers actually used. Especially the kitchen water purifier, to achieve the effect of using the experience, so that our customers feel the water, feel the water purifier real effect.