How to clean aluminum kettle military


military aluminum kettle everybody often see on TV movies, in real life there are a lot of people using this aluminum kettle Oh, if military aluminum kettle dirty how to do, to teach you how to clean military aluminum kettle .

military aluminum kettle dirty how to clean, not only military aluminum kettle can be seen in TV movies, in real life there are many people in the use of military aluminum kettle, 2020-06- 04 military teach you how to clean aluminum kettle, please study hard.

Cleaning the military aluminum kettle follows;

Potato cleaning method, military aluminum kettle with a long time will be covered with the scale, we can try to put a few potatoes in a pot, cook for a few hours, thick layer of scale will be off on their own, while the pot body will not be damaged. May also be placed in the kettle, then poured into boiling water, cover over 15 to 20 minutes, wherein the tea drink can. And the scale on the effect of theophylline will fall off, open cell times, the effect will be better. Baking soda and water may be poured into a 1% concentration of 500 grams, heating was charged alkali or food jar, shake gently rinse, to remove scale. If the military rusted aluminum kettle to pour some vinegar in the kettle and gently scrub with a soft brush, use vinegar and water, full contact rust, if there is stubborn, a little can continue to pour some hot water wash, water, rust completely disappeared after, you can use the rinse.

over these military aluminum kettle cleaning methods they have learned to do, when necessary, we bring notes Oh. Welcome to the concern of our family drinking little knowledge of the next lecture we will teach you the safest drinking water in what cups, attention please, do not miss it.

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