Qin Lan problem-free installation of water purifier water purifier

2015, in particular in 2017, did not install water filter should be "warm spring", this is the fire for some time, causing a large number of small and large businesses to follow suit, to open a new product on the mold. However, since the second half of 2018, "draft" just broke out. It seemed to have passed. Manufacturers difficult to sell goods, they are difficult to sell merchandise. End user "Tucao" more points. This "dilemma many" and even lead to some water treatment companies failed to follow suit moldy. "Micro Pulse" come! (Source: Qin Lan clean water organ network, invasion deleted) so, how the water purifier? This could be a problem most of the water purifier need for collective rational analysis. Only rational discussion, more conducive to the healthy development of water purification industry. This article also initiate, try to do one or two analyzes, welcome more people to participate in the discussion and analysis. In the water purification industry, the non-installation of water purifiers are "categories" in general. Further exploration may be divided into non-mounted water filter system with filter (also referred to as a water dispenser with external water source) and a non-mounted external water purifier without filter system (since only heating or tempering effect ). In fact, it is also known as water dispenser, water heaters do not need to install or small. In short, the industry commonly known as "Do not install water purifiers." What is the structure of water purifier? If there is no filtration system without water purifier, the basic structure of an external water source is a water tank (also referred to as a raw water tank). The water tank is removable. Users need to bring it to a water purifier gooseneck faucet receiving water purification filter, and then put back the equivalent of "bottled water" and other water. It is a heating system and a control system. An outer tank size of about 2-3L, this is the first water purifier without filter system. (Source: Qin Lan clean water organ network, invasion deleted) and the other is with a filtering system installation-free water purifier. This is based on the above-described apparatus, to increase the raw water tank and filtration system. This "original tank" is used to hold the tap water. The user needs to inject water in the water tank, and the machine back to its fixed position. After filtration system, the water into the tank, and then the system heated to boil, and so on. Thus, water purification free installation with filter system has two water tanks, i.e. the raw water tank and the water purifier. (Source: Qin Lan clean water organ network, intrusion deleted)