Water purifier filter installed there is no use looking to know

Water purifier promotion for a long time, there are still many consumers have reservations about. Some people think that years of drinking water, the body did not appear any major problems, water purifier is not exaggerating? After some may be a little heart, but to hear the water purifier prices and higher cost of late, that point waver in the face of repeated care "plan is not worth" becomes insignificant. I believe more people are holding "something has a problem, fruits and vegetables pesticide use, the air was great, full of smog, poisonous rice, poisonous milk powder flooded the consumer market, if you really want to figure it out, what can not eat, not poison die sooner or later starved to death, "the negative attitude towards their own drinking water. However, problems related to health, with a few examples to prove the existence of "sloppy eating disease" this pseudo-proposition, indeed, some far-fetched. Water purifier has no existence value, look no anti-filter after use in making a judgment. Filter before and after use contrast can be seen, the filter after use, color from white to brown, brown material through these tests, mostly fine sediment and rust in tap water. In the absence of water purifiers, these substances through drinking water retained in the body and become a health hazard potential time bomb. Filter is the heart of the water purifier water purifier well able filtered water particles, bacteria, inorganic and organic, are the filter function. Commonly used filter has PP cotton filter, activated carbon filter, the RO reverse osmosis filter and the like. In an example, the filter 5 respectively, to achieve purification. pp cotton filter as the initial filter, capable of filtering coarse particulate contaminants, dirt, colloidal and suspended solids and the like; particles of the active filter as a second filter stage, the adsorption of heavy metals and some organic Leis odor; 3 carbon rod activated carbon filter, the filter can be further out organic compounds, improve water heterochromatic odor and turbidity problems; RO reverse osmosis membrane filter, make invisible bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other organic matter in possession of no possession; the last step of post carbon filter, adjusted on the basis of purification pH of the water, increase the oxygen content in order to improve the taste of water. Through the layers of filtration, that harmful substances visible and invisible, are intercepted on the filter, thereby obtaining clean drinking water.