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Fault air case analysis (iv) troubleshooting case parsing air (d) seven, damage to the compressor start capacitor is determined with a negative single-phase (220V) air heaters, heating does not boot, the fan speed, However, the compressor is off, to open the host, has received the measurement 220V line column after the power is turned off, the compressor winding normal resistance measurement, the appearance of the compressor is very hot, has no charge in the capacitive sensing start compressor discharge phenomenon, apparently open, replaced start capacitor, troubleshooting. Eight, the tank water is not how to deal with? Water check, if it is found that there is no water solenoid buzz out, check the internal structure of the solenoid valve, the supply voltage is not lower than 180V, the water level switch check is good, the water level float is not stuck, level leads for water damage. Nine, how to deal with high-low when the water temperature? Check with shower hot and cold water mixing faucet or when, for hot / cold water supply increased. Ten, supply pressure pumps in operation, but not the water or how to deal with unstable water pressure? Are you sure the operation direction of the air pump can be marked in the same direction on the same pump casing, the pump mounting inspection: arrow direction is consistent with the direction of flow, the pump is emptied, and then start the pump. Check the faucets, shower inside the filter for foreign objects. XI, process plant operation, the fan speed suddenly slow down or do not turn up, only compressor in turn, is what causes it? If the ambient temperature is greater than in the case of a certain temperature, if the boot 15 min run, the fan suddenly into a low speed or a high speed by the fan does not turn, and there may be air caused by excessive caloric intake. If the ambient temperature in the case of less than 5 degrees, and occasionally there is such a phenomenon, indicating that the unit is defrosting it is normal.