How many degrees of high temperature resistant ceramic cup


ceramic cup is very welcomed by the people, then the number of degrees of high temperature resistant ceramic cup it? Paper, small series to introduce you.

in people's lives, ceramic products increasingly welcomed by the people, and we live very close to the ceramics than ceramic cups, ceramic cups knowledge so you know how much ? how many degrees of high temperature resistant ceramic cup it? Here are some questions you by our small series to introduce you about it.

The so-called mag-cup is made of a shape in clay, clay, or other inorganic non-metallic material, by molding and sintering process, for decoration and protection of building walls and floors of a plate or block like ceramics. After drying an extent that it is heated to a certain curing, no longer soluble in water.

Ceramic Cup not as resistant to high temperatures, in general above 1000 ° C, said.

household and art pottery cup, bone china cup ceramic cups and Guangdong: General degree in 1100.

Jingdezhen ceramic cup: 1280-1340 degrees is the general, also has a special degree of 1,400.

Industrial ceramic cup: industry and some ceramic cup can reach 2600 degrees; alumina ceramic cup: a melting point of 2050 ℃, boiling point of 3000 ℃.

I hope this knowledge will give your daily life to help, mentioned ceramic cup, could not help think of drinking water, we drink a lot of attention to small family knowledge, such as: Which cup to drink water the most secure, it is recommended everyone a lot of attention.

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