Healthy drinking water can not be ignored- the status quo Chinese water

Healthy drinking water can not be ignored: the status quo of Chinese Water: Tim net water purification Views: 1150 Published: 2014-2-15 10:14:16 Water is life life operations indispensable ingredient, and the world is facing a severe water pollution challenges, sewage is a major source of water pollution, China is particularly serious, is one of the world's 13 countries with serious water pollution, more than 600 cities across the country at present about half of urban water pollution is serious, widespread contamination of rivers and lakes 75% of the country's lakes suffered different degrees of eutrophication; severe 90% of urban water pollution, groundwater survey 118 large and medium cities in China show that there are 115 urban groundwater contamination, which heavily polluted about 40% . Water pollution reducing the use of water features, exacerbated water shortages, the implementation of the sustainable development strategy of our country had a negative impact. 中国饮水现状 of water pollution, mainly from two aspects, one is the industrial development of excessive discharge of industrial waste water, the second is due to urbanization and urban sewage centralized serious lack of treatment facilities, a large number of untreated sewage directly into the water cause environmental pollution. In recent years, industrial waste water after treatment despite the decrease, but the city sewage unabated, accounting for more than 51% of the water pollution. According to the environmental monitoring department, nearly 80 percent of the country's untreated sewage directly into rivers and lakes, the annual capacity of 40 billion cubic meters of sewage, causing more than one third of the country's polluted waters. Water is fundamental to human existence, is the most important substance to sustain life, accounting for about 70% of body weight. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), because of unhealthy drinking water and healthy water to drink less than 80% of the global disease and 50% of child deaths due to contaminated drinking water caused. Shocking tap water contaminated household water contamination generally comes from three aspects, namely, secondary water pollution, pollution pipe network, water treatment systems behind. 1, secondary water pollution in the process of secondary water to breed bacteria and cause deterioration, such as the 1970s in the United States on "Legionella", is to be detected in the water tank. 2, the pipe network pollution network aging, corrosion, deposition of water resulting in red, black and the like. As a long time without the use of tap water, the water found in the presence of water rust red, part of the city found in tap waterThere are red worms breeding, so rest assured that the water you really do? 3, water treatment systems suffer behind modern industrial waste water pollution, water quality a lot has changed, but the water quality standards and constantly improve, years ago, the construction of water treatment systems, face a large number of organic pollutants powerless, powerless. Water pollution has become a social problem of water is the largest health invisible killer 80% 80% of global disease is caused due to the contamination of drinking water; 50% and 50% of the global cancer related to contamination of drinking water; 50% of global deaths of children by 50% is due to the contamination of drinking water caused; the number of infectious diseases due to water pollution caused by the world's five million of more than 5 million; 25 million globally 25 million children die from diseases caused by drinking contaminated water caused every year; according to the World Health Organization (WHO ) reported harmful organic substances in the water 765 species, of which 20 kinds of confirmation is a carcinogen, 18 kinds of cancer is co-tumor promoters, oncogenic mutations were 47 kinds. In developing countries, due to water-borne diseases occur and there are more than 50, the average water-related diseases every day as many as 650,000 cases, 25,000 to take away people's lives every day, an average 18 people died per minute. The past 30 years, my country is the largest country in the world emerging cancer patients. In the past 20 years, the incidence of cancer increased by 29%, the total number of chronic diseases was 160 million (160 million) people, stomach, larynx, blood diseases, digestive diseases have become the major diseases of our urban and rural residents and every age, additional 10 years, the prevalence increased more than 50%, water pollution has become one of the urgent health crisis.