After 80 leading water purifier market development of several major trends

In recent years, with the increasing level of material, more young home consumption began to focus on the health problems of drinking water, so when the water purifier approached the domestic market quickly by young people ages 80 after the majority, this when manufacturers not only in color and style innovation, and increased the practicality inherent in the human aspect.

80后主导市场 净水器发展几大趋势

people born after 80, is representative of fashion and internationalization, time to give them strange ideas and assertive personality. Therefore, there must be life to adapt to a more unusual highlights ahead of the stream of consciousness. Intelligent design is the water purifier water purification industry in a major feature, stylish appearance adding bright colors, so that the entire water purifiers are full of youthful vitality. According to reports, intelligent water purifier manufacturers in the country are rare, but the design attracts many young people's attention, with very convenient.

intelligent and easy to use

has always been the business focus on product technology is not a little-known topic. On this show a few years, more and more businesses will be supported by new technology human services, to create a more fitting people needs.

Of course, if the whole of 2014, the development of water purifier industry point of view, in addition to the above two points, water purifier intelligence across the board. Today, smart TV has been gradually spread, while intelligent water purifier progressing towards our lives, including Sea Fest, EcoWater, the United States and other water companies have to accomplish something in terms of intelligent home appliances, they are a leader in smart water appliances character.

stylish new design innovations

Most young people after 80, is a typical "visual animals", they want to pay attention to your home products, we must first lead others in the design, personalized market today, leading the design is equivalent to lead the market. Water purification industry as a whole "knockoff" of the prevalence reflects the current lack of overall water purifier R & D and innovation capability. Water purifier as an integral part of household products, more and more consumers need some fresh product in the market water purifier stereotyped.

attention to detail make the product more refined

after the young man

80 generally require a higher quality of life, which requires details of the win, is to optimize the product features to further increase value-added products means. In the exhibition site, after a reporter visited, many businesses and even to achieve the ultimate in detail. Add these details, so that the original product more user-friendly and better able to meet the demand between different personality.