From a marketing point of view what is sorely lacking water purifier market-

What is sorely lacking water purifier market?

As we all know, marketing is the key to solve the problem of the market to solve the key issues, sales will become easier.

So, the key issue of water purification market, what is it?

face many on the market, the homogeneity of the product, the face of "puff" type sales approach to sales staff stereotyped, consumers face a serious shortage of water purifier awareness!

Moreover, water purifiers in some ways, it's not just need the product.

Therefore, to help consumers raise awareness of water right knowledge, professional skills to provide you with a variety of effective, appropriate choice for consumers, thereby building consumer trust in you, with confidence, sales became an outcome.

This is the current water purifier market is most needed, and most scarce thing.

on the marketing of water purification market, starting with what we lack most water purifier market.

We first look at consumer buying behavior, regardless of what consumers buy now, search on the Internet already is the norm of action.

But for the water purification device, simply open the page and saw all the hype says.

For example: global (national) top ten, there are many functions, how much innovation, the number of patents, anyway, is the best, no matter how good can not! (Water industry has not even national standards are not, how competitions? Where's the top ten?)

Consumers want to know the science knowledge of clean water, the pages are mostly manufacturers, merchants launched just say their products of good information.

Clearly, the most one-sided propaganda is not objective, so consumers choose a later date!

come to know about the manufacturers, merchants sales, I have summed up what is basically a "puff"!

Almost all sales are talking about their own products, but also say not clear where the good news? There is always the customer concerns. Even strong sales quality business transaction to a customer must spend a lot of time and effort.

hit enough of their own ability to sell salesman, and clean water are not clear about their own knowledge, the result is that consumers choose to avoid seeing.

face water purificationThis market chaos, forming a water purifier penetration rate is not high in this situation, turnover is also limited and is always in the circle of acquaintances among lower in price war.

did not develop a good product, poor product 1:30 would not die, we are trapped in them, seemingly good prospects for the industry, in fact, we all feel more and more difficult, the end result is nowhere to go.

On the other hand, a lot of water specious knowledge in the consumer's head entrenched, consumers need to learn and understand the channels.

face water purifier brand on the market more than 5,000 good and bad, consumers how to choose? Listen to whom? Who can be trusted? !

My conclusion is that consumers need to have an objective, professional information sources and platforms. This is most lacking at this stage water purifier market stuff, if you have the ability to provide customers with this knowledge, customers will choose to believe you, have trust, sales will naturally produce.

From this perspective, the market is a lack of trust of consumers and manufacturers, merchants.