Children drink unboiled water it will be infected with parasites


raw water contains a lot of parasites that we all know that knowledge, then the children will be infected with the parasite drink unboiled water it? Xiaobian take a look at this knowledge of it.

long-term drinking unboiled water on the body harmful? Containing raw water to varying degrees, a variety of parasites harmful micro-organisms and zoonotic direct drinking may lead to acute gastroenteritis, typhoid, dysentery and parasitic infections and other diseases, then the children will be infected with drinking unboiled water parasites it?

after a small series of online access to relevant information, children drinking unboiled water, easily lead to parasitic infections, parasites can enter the blood vessels, and survival within the brain through the blood circulation into the trigger-related encephalopathy, so try not to remind you drink unboiled water.

Some people think, or drink cold water when thirsty convenient, and that tap water is sterile, can drink directly; spring water, river water is natural, as long as no dirty you can drink, but also for the human body is good. Whether it is spring or well water is coming out from under the ground. The river, the city's drinking water tap - a large underground water reservoirs both flow out from under the ground, but also the rain fall from the sky. Accordance with the general concept of dirty water out of the ground and rain water is very clean, in fact, wrong. Groundwater is rainwater infiltration through the soil into underground, and the soil contains a lot of bacteria, many of which are harmful, and may even make you sick.

Moreover springs, wells it, in some large forests, deserted rare, there have been no spring man-made pollution, is relatively clean. The villages of springs, wells in the village, and some non-compliance, around springs and wells, construction of toilets, pigs, cattle, sheep pen, Over time, these droppings will seep into the ground, the groundwater contains a lot of bacteria, in most of our rural areas, drinking water disinfection did not take measures, such as bacteria in the water even more.

In these types of water, it should be regarded as the least clean up the river. A river to flow through many places, a lot of dirty water can flow into the river. People wash upstream of the dirt in the water, drinking water downstream of the others. Maybe some people say, dirty water is not first-class, it is not right. Of course, some of the naked eye can see the color of dirt, to the river will be broken up, diluted, so the river is still very fresh lookBut many bacteria are invisible to our eyes, they are still hiding in the water, you said you drink this water, what will happen? Once you understand the source of ingredients with water, well water, spring water, raw water, when you know there will be a myriad of water after bacteria, you should change the bad habit of drinking unboiled water frequently. You may often prepare some cold water in order to drinking, and explained to the people to drink unboiled water harm, to protect the health of the body.

These are the small series to introduce the raw water hazards on what are, Xiao Bian here to remind everyone to their own health, do not drink unboiled water, and at the same time have some more knowledge of small household drinking water, your family drink healthy drinking water.

Editor: Zhu Wenpeng