Li Jie Water- water purifier popularity sooner or later do not install water filter your kidneys can

Water is the source of life, 75% of the human body is composed of water.

Since the water of life so important, so we must drink plenty of water to drink healthy water.

However, even if the water source is the quality of the water, how to ensure that the people at home in the water is healthy it?

CCTV Focus on the exposure of toxic water pipe, so that people were shocked

you can imagine to:

doped with lift water pipe material, the scrap wire after pulverization; water pipe doped with infusion bottles and infusion tube waste; water green tube bucket doped material ......


enlightened look surprised ah.

As we all know, water pipe buried in the ground, it is difficult and consumers meet directly, and replace the use of life expectancy is 50 years, some toxic water pipe, thousands of families will be a direct result of water pollution.

As an ordinary people, you know that your home is safe to do water pipe


CCTV exposure, users are deeply shocked and sigh:? "Where people understand so much more it hurts virtually unknown ";" making bad business profits, driven by unscrupulous ah. "

for the population in general, you can not determine your home's water pipe is safe, your home tap water is safe, but you can do the last pass, the installation of a water purifier.

household water purification has become a trend of modern life, more precisely, it has become a fashion. If your home is not yet installed water purification equipment, please do not hesitate to spend a little money and clean glass of water, healthy family!

water into the body first to the stomach, then into the intestine, parenteral absorbed into the liver, the liver detoxification and then into the blood circulation.

The liver is responsible for detoxifying not only responsible for detoxification, then we drank water for decades, so much garbage are impurities in the water where to go then?

Here we have mention another very important organ of the human body - that is the kidney, it put into our bodies to filter out impurities.

When the content of impurities in the water we drink is too high, the kidneys will bear a very heavy burden filter, once some impurities can not effectively filter,They will slowly, slowly accumulated in our bodies. In the course of time deep, they may form stones (gallstones, kidney stones, bladder stones, urinary tract stones, stones etc. fallopian tubes). At the same time, we may also damage kidney cells, human kidney cells are non-renewable, once it is no longer damaged beyond repair.

Perhaps you think this is exaggerated and not credible, but the tap water of some impurities, microbes, bacteria that we can not see them.


of a water purifier: solve the secondary pollution of water

after water disinfection by chlorine can kill viruses, bacteria, but can not remove the volatile substances; long-distance transport of water through the pipe after vulnerable to secondary pollution, so people basically will choose to boil the drink, but only boil solve bacterial problems, not solve the sediment, rust, bacteria and volatile substances "body" and other issues, drinking water water quality will not be fundamentally improved, but will also have serious health risks.

Two benefits purifier: Alternative choice of bottled water

bottled water bucket ranging from about 8 to 16 yuan, high cost, and this is quite water ratios are large-sized water purifiers or water machined, there is little natural mineral water; the same time the short shelf life of bottled water, used to connect with the dispenser in the open state, easily-contaminated air, So drinking water is not an ideal solution.

water purifier three benefits: Unlike the high cost of bottled water

bottled water is classified as a small number of rich families daily water, but its cost is too high, and bottled water is water, the lack of trace elements and minerals, long drink to human health should not be, the effect may not be as water purifiers.

purifier four advantages: efficient purification of water pollution, low net cost benefits of four water purifier is good efficiency and low cost water purification

can be efficiently separated purifier decontaminated material, and the cost of bottled water is relatively much lower, good water taste, good water quality, drinking water is the ideal solution for families.

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