Buy water purifiers need to have common sense 3-00


water purifier has been more and more popular, the general public also tend to buy water purifier instead of drinking fountains. With the deterioration of water quality, water purifier sales agents more and more fiery, but at this stage many brands of water purifiers available in the market, how to buy and consumer choice became difficult. This current status of the water purifier market, Xiao Bian summarizes a few for your reference.

a, are selected

1, water hardness different in different regions, north and south China regions limestone, lime water, a high content of magnesium ion, easy to scale, should be selected according to its own quality High water purifier with filters available ion exchange resin filter, also called water softener, can effectively reduce the water hardness.

2, chlorinated water, city water heterochromatic odor heavier, more optional activated carbon loading of household water purifiers. Since activated carbon has a strong adsorption of water and chlorine, color smell, significant removal.

3, the urban and the water is turbid water, should buy coarse filter, fine filter dual function of household water purifiers. For heavily contaminated water, requires a thorough filter any impurities in the water, reverse osmosis water should buy.

Second, according to choose cost-effective

goods prices tend to be a priority before people purchase consideration. Buy water purifier is the same, but the saying goes you pay for, you the consumer can choose a water purifier according to their capabilities.

1, a filter

a water purifier filter are generally activated carbon filtration, filtration capacity is limited, a filter are rough. The filtered water can not be directly consumed, heating is required to boil after drinking. Such water purifiers are mostly low-grade water purification products, low prices.

2, multi-stage filtration

The multi-stage water purification filters generally have three or more than three, the majority of two coarse filter plus a fine filter, water filtered by the filter filtering accuracy decision, multi-stage filtration water purifier water purification products are mid-range, acceptable to the working class, there are more families.

3, ultrafiltration

by a multi-stage pre-filter and membrane filter composed intercept a vast majority of bacteria, harmful substances, while retaining beneficial minerals trace elements, and then take advantage of the activated carbon and KDF water effective to inhibit the breeding of bacteria, fungiAnd the removal of color, smell, filtered water to ensure a more safe and healthy use. And high water production, this time in the home kitchen use more quick and convenient, without waiting for a long time, up to standard drink straight.

4, reverse osmosis water

with a multi-stage reverse osmosis membrane prefilter consisting filtered water free of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, organic compounds, minerals and Leis odor, it is a pure water, no heat and serve. However, reverse osmosis water has a water pressure requirements, but also in the external purification process will produce concentrated water may be collected.

Third, according to buy brand-name products

must recognize the importance of quality when you buy your household water purifiers, water purifiers production of the manufacturers must obtain a health permit higher health supervision departments after identification of technical supervision departments, in line with the national "drinking water quality standards."

based on feedback from the public, in their own time to buy a water purifier, said some businesses to sell their water purifier with a health care function, it does not know is true or false. Water purifiers available in the market now mainly RO reverse osmosis membrane, hollow membrane, activated carbon adsorption, KDF and other processing techniques, although various water purifier manufacturers basically the same name for these technologies, but use different materials to the installation will also have a great impact on the quality, some manufacturers will say that their magnetic water purifier can be made with some care or function, these claims are lack of scientific basis, mostly marketing gimmicks, water purification nature's just look at the water filtration.

in conjunction with the above, the purchase of a water purifier, the idea of ??manufacturers to verify the qualification that he regularly replace the filter, abandoned health functions propaganda of water purification products, basically you can make sure to buy the right water purification products.