Great Heat -drive to- water purifier market was on fire

July 23, 2014, twenty-four solar terms in solar terms of the Great Heat twelfth, we all know that "hot dog day in the" Great Heat in the general dog day in the ambush stage. At this time in most parts of my country are in the hottest stage of the year, but not large temperature difference across the country. Then comes "ambush" before and after, the hottest period of the year, the highest temperature, crop growth the fastest, most parts of the drought, floods, storms and most frequently, rush in the harvest plant crops, drainage and drought prevention stations and field management and other heavy task. Not only these, hot weather people can not do without water, but why is this time of the season of high water pollution, for which home water purifier market is very hot in this hot season.


there are statistics show that sales this year to enter the country under water purifier line growth over 50% since the summer, but this year the growth rate of online channel is expected to reach 100%, net degree hot water market is comparable to air conditioning. Behind the hot market, competing against the big brands and the motley crew. Industry experts believe that water purifier market more emphasis on technical ability and follow-up services, giant development effort will accelerate the industry consolidation.

Reporters saw both the United States and Suning appliances such specialty channels, such as supermarkets or channels, have attracted a large number of water purifier brand settled. Many consumers for water purifier products also showed great interest. Qin promise cinno water purifier a shopping guide said: "After this year, Lanzhou, Wuhan and other places water pollution incidents, water purifier products sell better."

the face of domestic water purifier industry was mixed the status quo, the voice of the industry reshuffle also appeared. Water purifiers top ten brands of water purifiers Qin promise cinno relevant person in charge of the development of China's water industry requires not only the introduction of standardized criteria the national authorities, but also the need to play a leading business-to-consumer concept of education and literacy.

and the multiple dimensions of this year continued in the water purifier force of cinno Qin Connaught giants are innovative products, services and prices continue to exert. According to Qin water purifiers top ten brands promise cinno relevant person in charge said that the current Sino Qin water purifier has more than 300 service outlets and thousands of service personnel. Qin water purifier brand promise with leading water purification technology, excellent quality products and first-class service, and its products are exported to South Asia, Africa, South America and other countries, at home and abroad have enjoyed a high praise.