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HC purification Network "thanks to your help, we've come a sincere thank you, and this thing is the family also followed suck, I did not expect dialed 12315, quickly resolved, thank you!" in May 27 am, District Heze City Dingtao imitation Town tour and set the village residents Ms Wu Guo, Ms. Wu three came market Authority dingtao area expressed gratitude to the council staff excitedly, and write side the "people grief consumer rights" banner to a fair trade law enforcement team captain Sun Bao-Xue and 12,315 complaints over the center of the main Renren Ming's hands.


The original, May 18, 12315 Market Authority dingtao District Complaint Center received a complaint call, said Guo was in Dingtao imitation Town district administrative villages inhabited tour set person, at some point of sale Heze bought a certain brand of water purifiers, worth 5604 yuan. After Guo buy a home, her husband dissatisfied with the brand water purifier, and a check online, due to high prices, and the publicity and the actual function there is a big deviation, and the next day Heze water purifier sales point of contact, hoping to return, but after numerous unsuccessful negotiations, the point of sale under various pretexts is not to retreat.

helpless, Guo call the complaint hotline 12315 for assistance market regulatory authorities. After receiving consumer complaints, dingtao District Market Authority 12,315 complaints over the center of the main Renren Ming complaints quickly diverted to the fair trade stocks investigation.

In order for consumers to resolve disputes as early as possible, a fair trade law enforcement team Sun Bao-Xue, Wang Junhua, Zhao Hui three staff to intervene immediately, and the first time consumer complaints and water purifiers point of sale communication links. Communication and coordination by telephone, the dealer agreed to return, but have not been implemented. May 25, market supervision staff ordered the two sides to Market Authority Dingtao area about-face mediation. Market supervision staff in the field of both parties were patient and meticulous education and guidance.

In repeatedly coordination of market supervision staff, the two sides finally reached an agreement, the seller agreed to return the refund, and witnessed by prison staff market, the scene will be paid a full refund to Ms. Guo, a consumer disputes haveTo a satisfactory solution.

market supervision department to remind consumers, in recent years, water purifiers are more and more consumers, but its brand complicated, diverse marketing tools, to buy water purifier must be careful rational consumer purchase, the best select the formal business to buy, do not be false businessmen, exaggerated advertising confused, and pay attention to retain shopping vouchers, so that the burden of proof rights.

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