National and international standardization authority of the collective thumbs Haier

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October 29, after the 2019 Qingdao international standardization Forum was successfully concluded, former director of the national standards Committee, former deputy director of the State Administration of Quality supervision, State Administration of Work market former party member Chen Gang, director of Shandong Province Zhang Yongxia market Authority, international Standards Organization (ISO) Chairman John Walter and other 37 participating leaders, experts came to visit our headquarters in Qingdao Haier, Haier and one single one mode, smart home has been in international standardization work and other achievements thumbs up.


It is understood that the National Standards Committee under the State Administration of market supervision, the State Council, People's Republic of China is authorized to perform administrative functions, unified management of the national standardization authorities.

from stand 1947 International Standards Organization (ISO) is one of the important international organization in the field of standardization, there is the area of ??standardization "of the United Nations," he said. In 70 years of development and accumulation of prestige, ISO has been in the United States, Italy, France, Russia, Britain, Switzerland and other 162 member countries, the world's largest integrated ISO. Well, two leading experts in the field of standards authority, why the eyes of co-invest in the Haier?


The answer lies in the standardization of Haier's achievements. According to public information, as of October 2019, Haier were involved in the revision of 67 international standards, the cumulative presented 100 proposals, is China's proposed revision of international standards proposal largest household electrical appliance enterprises, but also the industry's only comprehensive coverage of IEC, ISO , IEEE, OCF such as ISO businesses. In China, the cumulative HaierLeading, in national industry standards revision 530, 475 have been released, it is the leading national and international industry standards largest home appliance business.

With innovative leader in the field of standards at home and abroad and overall layout, Haier has not only become the province, national and even international research unit focused inspection authority, more so won the unanimous endorsement of leading experts.

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