Enabling continued to dream - nine-cell purification will come to an end in

January 13, 2019, nine core year-end appreciation will be held, a number of water industry experts, partners, and thousands gathered in Zhongshan nine-cell user stadium, while nine-cell witness another step in a good healthy water on the road a new step.

Dream on the way, 13 years only one thing

nine-cell, founder of Mr. Wu was born in the Star a dream: to make everyone drink healthy water. Wu Star saw people around the battered sewage, decided to embark on the good health of the water when the road to college, engaged in the water industry, determined to change people's water and health problems. From the venture so far, focused healthy water areas, one to do for 13 years.

(nine-cell new ceramic water purifiers shock release)

to the core power is turned on healthy water new future

Wu Star hopes science and technology to realize their dreams, in order to solve the technical problem of healthy water. So nine-cell adhere to increase investment in research, constantly better ourselves, get rid of. After years of efforts, the nine-cell access to a number of higher water purification patents, technology has also entered the industry line echelon. In the new product will be released the same day - ceramic water purifiers, representing the nine-cell technology and product strength and leap to a higher level.

(crowdfunding Jingdong depth cooperation with the nine-cell)

(Wu, founder of the Star magazine topped the Bay Area Chinese businessmen Cover)

(Mr. Zhang, former vice president of Mengniu)

Jingdong crowdfunding person in charge came on the scene nine-cell, and reached a nine-cell joint global release nine-cell ceramic water purifiers under the strategic cooperation, online and offline, and will be broadcast live in Jingdong broadcast platform. Chinese Entrepreneurs Union sponsors Mr. Li Guisheng Guangdong, Hong Kong and the Bay Area, Mr. Zhang, vice president of Mengniu former indicated that they will continue to accompany nine-cell water purifier business growth as well as published a nine-cell future blessings.

(nine-cell Marketing Director Leung Kam-yan)

In healthy water on the road, nine people die gained more recognition, and attract more Like-minded people. Nine-cell-site day sales reached 36.75 million yuan, more than nine-cell signed on as customers and partners to be healthy and good partners waterways.

(spot turnover highs)

nine-cell future prospects, Wu, general manager of Star Alliance developed a nine-cell Guangdong sprint first, into the country, Looking at the world of the plan, put forward to do five first, service first, the first product sales, technical expertise first, the first employee income, shareholder value first, and put forward specific development goals.

(nine-cell dolls dressed in clothes of Wu, founder of the Star)

make concerted efforts to create a healthy water core service life

In addition to better products, nine-cell intimate and sincere service, is also deeply touched the hearts of consumers. 2018, nine core service more than 200,000 customers, to become a nine-cell water industry sea fishing, it is in such intentions, caring, sincere service and access to a customer's approval. Talent is the key service, which is the result of nine-cell behind the elite silently work and pay.

(vibrant nine core shareholder group)

to the truth Thanksgiving parents to really contribute to the community

Mr. Wu Star Alliance business from mother Couchu of 30,000 yuan of money to start, and no contacts no business during the relationship, the support of parents gave him great encouragement. Venture so far, Mr. Wu has always been in the implementation of the "culture of filial piety." 13 years, filial piety culture deeply rooted in the hearts of every nine-cell human. The annual nine-cell "Parents fund" a nine-cell human reason are fighting for the parents fight for glory, let parents life less comfortable, humanistic philosophy nine-cell from every little home start, eventually converging to "let all people drink healthy water, "the common mission. At the same time, nine-cell is also actively committed to social responsibility, and health for the people to solve the water is not just an empty phrase, in June 2018, Zhongshan nine-cell and charitable foundations set up a fund with healthy water, nine core staff everyone spontaneously donate 1% of salary, to help the more vulnerable groups.

(nine-cell parent fund issued)

If the customer said the nine-cell, nine core is a humane ideals of the enterprise. 13 years along the way, in good faith and adhere to the achievements of the nine-cell, but this is a good starting point for healthy waterways not the end. Nine-cellWe will continue to uphold the beginning of the heart, all the way forward, a new step, to help more people drink healthy water and work hard.

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