Chi Chi cat cat water purifier water purifier good conditions for joining and joining processes

One might think that our tap water is very clean, all right drink for so many years, even if there is the taste of disinfection, I can also use bottled water, no need to install a water purifier. As experts in water purification, water purifier cat wisdom to remind you, there are also secondary pollution of water, bottled water is not clean, drink purified water purifier can reduce our morbidity. Chi cat water purifier has a strong R & D capability, is committed to provide customers with high-quality, boutique quality water purification products, is a good choice for business investment. Here's a look at how to join Chi cat water purifier it. (Source: network intrusion deleted) wanted to join Chi cat water purifier, is required to meet certain conditions, which conditions for joining Nachi cat water purifiers have it? 1, keen water purifier business, we have strong brand awareness. 2, recognition of intellectual cat water purifier, actively maintain brand image. 3, have a certain financial strength, financial credit good. 4, there is a wide range of social relations and strong business organization. 5, have a fixed place of business, the store sells only intellectual cat water purification products. 6, voluntary operational guidance Chi cat water purifier headquarters, strictly fulfill a contract to join. 7, there is a correct understanding of the investment. After satisfying the condition can follow these steps to join, intellectual cat water purifiers to join the process is as follows: 1, joining Consultation: investment policy, company and product situation. 2, to determine the intention to join: to visit our company or visit the store, submit application form to join, basic personal information. 3, qualification examination: firm to assess the applicant's qualifications to join, store rules, the value of the business district. 4, signed to join the agreement: the parties to negotiate details of the contract, signing a contract, payment of a fee. 5, opening preparation: store decoration, personnel recruitment, purchase. 6. Training: operational training, training of personnel. 7, officially opened Chi cat water purifier to join to join the process conditions and on the introduction to this, and want to learn more about friends may wish to inquire. Chile joined cats water purifier, the headquarters will give support and operational guidance, the intention of friends do not miss, oh.