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For many people want to shop to join the Liansu, the biggest confusion is that good, how about Liansu market reputation Liansu project? Liansu continuous product innovation and upgrading so as to meet consumer demand, so highly recognized by the market. Liansu has good prospects for development, is a trusted good project. Liansu want to join together to find the second line on the plastic material to join it! (Source: Liansu official website, invasion deleted) Liansu Rating Nickname: anonymous good quality, with a nickname quite a long time: Anonymous Liansu quality is really good nickname: Anonymous Xiangxi area can join it? (Source: Liansu official website, invasion deleted) Liansu development has both the quality of products or services, are among the highest in the industry, trusted by consumers! Today, Liansu stores in major cities, while enabling the sharing of resources online and offline offers many advantages for investors, a strong franchise chain system! Liansu initial fee is relatively low, the biggest profit to help franchisees! Liansu provide investors with subsidies, save a lot of costs for the franchisee, reduce investment risk, business more successful! Of course, not everyone wants to join can join, Liansu also have certain requirements to join, specifically what, we continue down together to understand it! (Source: Liansu official website, invasion deleted) Liansu What are the requirements to join the store requirements: prefecture-level city agency: from 25 m2, county agent: from 15 m2 to invest: prefecture-level city agency: the first batch of 100,000 from county agents: the first batch of 50,000 from 1) an independent legal personality, excellent self-employed entrepreneurs also consider; 2) there is a good business reputation and corporate image; 3) in the local comprehensive sales network and service capabilities; 4 ) with advanced brand awareness and rich experience in the operation of the terminal; 5) there is a certain economic strength, generally require a minimum level city special funds market launch and operation of hundreds of thousands; 6) requiring or establishing a professional sales and service team; 7) highly recognized marketing concept Liansu collar still water purifier, willing to work with plastic collar rapid growth and still water purifier and a win-win. Investment in joining the fiery moment, every project is a good target to compete to join the chase! So, faced with such a good project Liansu, missed pity! You probably missed it and wealth! If you are interested in plastic couplet, then quickly do it! Early accession, early step to realize their business dreams! If you have any questions, you can call our Hotline for consultation! Liansu invite you to join!