Angel water purifier on the market from new products to sales champion


as a strategic product Angel "high net water experts" to upgrade the brand, A6 water purifier launched after quickly occupied the high-end water purifier market, listed only six months of sales exceeded the 100,000 mark. According to the PRC monitoring data authority, in February 2015, A6 sit tight in the industry has a single product sales, sales double. Currently, sales momentum remained strong, sales are still soaring.

March 22, Angel drinking water industry groups held in Shenzhen will be a grand celebration, thank and repay consumers attention and support, and simultaneous release of the same strain of the new A8 water purifier. At the ceremony, as a matter of safety and health in the drinking water industry's pioneers net, Angel demonstrated its social responsibility and moving experience, and launched a new public service program of action "spring public line."

and glory counterparts, A6 leading the high-end market

on the market in January sales break million units, monthly sales of a single product into the industry the first camp, the industry achieved single-product sales of the first, won the Suning Appliance awarded the 2014 best new Product Award and other water purifiers ...... all the way to glory blessing, Angel A6 go fast and steady.

set Angel drinking water industry groups advanced water purification technology in one of the A6, can in just six months, with regard to first-class level of technology and visible quality, good filter is the last word new water purification standards, to win the market, won the unanimous endorsement of the majority of consumers, her success is not accidental.

As the water purification industry leaders, Angel innovation in technology, research and development in areas such as: depth reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the world's top 500 US Dow Chemical, the introduction of imported Dow filter; the use of national 863 key projects the outcome of nano-whisker antibacterial technology, solve the water purification effect and bacteriostatic security are two technical problems; use seized the entire production line to maximize the implementation of automated production, a number of measures to ensure product quality.

Meanwhile, Angel still together, "Goddess" Fan Bingbing, to jointly promote the Angel of high-quality products that will deliver high quality and concept of healthy drinking water to the consumers.

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