Intelligent, environmentally friendly water purification industry need to open the next outlet

Modern home water purifier is indispensable appliances. With the effects of water pollution in the world, people are concerned about the safety of drinking water, water purifiers, new technologies emerging, the water purification industry's market value and market space is also growing.

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According to the authoritative analysis stage, come to market water purifier three characteristics: development space width, mechanisms are inadequate, insufficient supply.

So how do we change the status quo? Where is the next water purification industry, "explosion" in?

According to the survey data, 50% of households uncertain good home tap water is not good, that is, nearly half of the families may be potential buyers of household water purifier. Now the domestic household penetration rate of less than 4%. From the gap between the two data, we can see the vast extent of future prospects.

In the 21st century, China is facing a crisis of water pollution. In recent years, water purifier market capacity growth rate has reached 50%, the national household water purifiers penetration will reach 20% -30%, about 1 million, an average annual growth rate of 30%, the number of Chinese water purifier has more than 90 million units, annual growth rate of nearly 30%. State Council Development Research Center, Institute of Market Economy Survey: market demand for the next five years will exceed 15 million units, need to tap the huge market!

intelligence, environmental protection has become the outlet

traditional water purification products achieved by simply processing functions on the water quality of a much-needed open, which is not only contrary to the current trend of intelligent, but not product line with high frequency usage.

especially for the product may come into contact with daily water purifier, in the case of water purification capacity, intelligence and user experience is becoming increasingly important. For stagnant water purifier business, you must be an urgent need to upgrade and develop high-performance, multi-functional, energy-saving water purification products.

In the overall downturn in the consumer electronics market situation, water purification equipment is still maintained rapid growth trend. According to forecast data published by the media, from 2016 to 2020, the water purifier market is expected to maintain a 47% compound annual growth rate. By 2020, the size of the water purifier more than 139 billion yuan, is another reflection of the water purifier has been an explosion point!

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