Water pollution being approached our lives

Water pollution being approached our lives in recent years, water pollution by small series of domestic events media exposure information collected found that domestic water pollution problems from the first few months are very difficult to appear together, and now the number one month starting with the day will take place a lot of cases, this has become a vicious circle, seriously affecting the lives of safe water. Recently, according to many friends broke the news, Ruyang County Malan River and because the pigment pollution, clear water turned into a "Red River", as shown: Ruyang County Malan river pollution It is understood that the main cause of such pollution incidents is a company engaged in dyes industry manufacturers in the production process of the dye residue treatment is not thorough enough, then came a lot of rain, leading to pigment from upstream has been flowing into the river. In this regard, Ruyang County Environmental Protection Bureau Director Yang Erfeng said it had forced the closure of enterprises to implement the policy, and also do a detailed inspection of the contaminated river water, in addition to pigment more serious than not found other harmful substances. Environmental protection section has launched emergency measures to contaminated water for emergency treatment. Above water pollution incident has occurred this year is not the first played at the end of July, Wenzhou inland also took place along the river red event, although it was later proved to be a woman but also because the dye Hanoi cleaning cloth lead. But these news, we can see, domestic water pollution problem is in frequent period, water pollution being approached our lives. In recent years, my country's economic, scientific, agriculture has been to develop and improve the overall living standards of domestic people. However, the way the development of economic, scientific, agricultural, inevitably because the resource collection, poor management and other reasons the industry and environmental factors conflict, the end result will cause environmental backfire. Water pollution is now one of the most need to be addressed. It is because of the demand generated in nature, will have a wide range of products appear, the birth of a water purifier and water purifier in the country is to be expected. Although water purification products have a purifying effect of water pollution on the family, but for the range is too small, only suitable for families and businesses, not the overall impact on domestic water pollution. It is foreseeable that the problem of water pollution will seriously affect the development of all walks of life, with the cumulative time, if our country is not strong regulation, water pollution will really come into our lives, health, water will become a luxury.