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water purifier, and now more widely found in family life, water is the source of life, an essential part of everyday life. I believe your home, must have had to boil water to worry about experience, imagine, if you install a water filter in your home kitchen, that can save you a lot of time and effort, imagine direct access from the faucet the feeling is not very pleasant to drink.

派斯:直饮水方便更健康 成功家庭的理想选择

United States Paez water purification began in 1921, specializing in water purification 90 years, China 14 years of service, is your trusted brand. It uses imported, water quality up to 99% removal of harmful substances in water, and retain beneficial minerals and trace elements, is "natural mineral water."

In addition, the United States Pais also has a "golden filter media", "fine ceramics", "super coconut shell charcoal," three world patents; has a backwash technology and sewage technology, without the host replacement; double-flow design uses, water purifier more thorough, so that every drop of water clean.

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