Ya Jing water purifier how to join it-

Now enjoy a healthy home life has become better every families goal, water as a source of human life, is essential for everyone, so how safe water has become the focus of people's problems. Want to have a healthy life for the demand of water is a must, people need a good device to provide safe drinking water, Ya Jing water purifier water purifier brand is a good brand. Ya Jing water purifier water purification products to high efficiency, quick and easy to use, has been the favorite of consumers, but also makes many investors have added profit. So how to join Ya Jing water purifier it? Look below to see it together. Ya Jing Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a commitment to water purification product development and production and sales of integrated enterprise, that millions of families to provide quality drinking water mission, followed a "rigorous innovation, integrity and pragmatic, quality service, quality of life "concept of brand development, providing countless families the attentive service and safe, practical, healthy water purification products, to provide investors with a high-quality business platform, providing a lot of support policies to help join the cause investors development is a worthwhile investment trust ... (Source: network intrusion deleted) How Ya Ya Jing Jing water purifier water purifier to join how to join it? Some specific look to join the process. 1, understand the brand: the brand through various ways to understand the information Ya Jing water purifier 2, proposed to join: to communicate with headquarters, expressed intention to join. 3, data review: Submit application for joining the qualification review to headquarters. 4, field trips: After approval, franchisees need to headquarters site visits, negotiations to join the program. 5, the signing of the contract: After making a good affiliate program, signed a cooperation agreement and to pay related costs. 6, shop location: Headquarters sent personnel to the professional market franchise accurate address selection. 7, image design: the headquarters of a unified image of the store design and decoration. 8, the first batch of supply: renovation has been completed, the franchise were the first batch of supply. 9, business guide: the perfect preparatory work to develop programs and many other matters opening activities. 10, the successful opening: opening up shop. Above on the right to join the process Ya Jing water purifier made a detailed introduction. If you are interested in joining Ya Jing water purifiers, welcome to inquire more, Ya Jing water purifier hope you can join.