Water purifier manufacturers to achieve a win-win business support to see the top ten law

vendor win-win, this should be a status of each of water purifier company and franchisee wants to achieve. In reality, a lot of water purifier company and franchisee various kinds of problems in the process of cooperation will always be, not much can really do win. In fact, franchisees and business cooperation is good or bad, is directly related to the survival and development of enterprises. Water purifier business for the new franchisee must be added support for nanny services to help its independent survival, so that can only vendor to achieve win-win situation.


raising ten business law, manufacturers and win-win success.

First, natural selection, to enter the appropriate

For the newcomers purifier franchisee not blindly selected, whether the money can not just whether a relationship are there stores, if there is determination, but to consider the potential franchisee if the water purifier enters within a certain period of time if you can develop, the ability to adapt to the culture and direction of the company's comparative analysis. This requires the establishment of barriers, such as metrics, etc., and to strengthen the follow-up assessment of the investment staff, investment staff to complete the task to avoid blind investment, or casually commitment.

Second, carding ideas, find a suitable profit model

before entering, their relationship begins with a water purifier brand, product, water purifier and potential franchisees the ability and strength, in-depth communication, find the profit model franchisee for the development of a water purifier, not only do themselves a pretty good idea, and let potential franchisees be aware of the water purifier, then most of the work will be smooth sailing , passion rising.

Third, look for stores or assessment, conducted site planning

store locations and shops in the area rely on the development of water purifier franchisee core hardware, the manufacturers must rigorous assessment, no store can assist in finding, with the store also detailed assessment, it must reach upper or upper-middle, or rather postpone the follow-up action.

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