Tips examine the effectiveness of water purification products, water purification

Now that the requirements for living a healthy increase, many families have a water purifier product installation. Does it really in the end water purification products business being promoted so well? And how to test it? In the absence of the instrument case, to how to detect water quality through water filter or purifier, which need to have some tricks a.


1. First, we can use transparent glass filled with a glass of water through the water purification filter, and then carefully check the water against a well-lit direction no suspension of fine material? If so, then the bad water purifier filter effects. But no, then allowed to stand for three hours quilt cover, bottom of the cup and then again observe whether a precipitate? If so, that was suspended in water exceeded its impurities, unacceptable water purifier filter effect.

2. After the water used to make tea water purifier filter, a shelving night, return the next day to observe whether black tea? If black tea, water described iron, manganese found excessive, unqualified for water purification filter effect of metal ions.

3. The first direct contact with the glass in a glass of water at the tap, then with the nose smell, taste whether bleach (chlorine) in? If you can smell bleach (chlorine), indicating that tap water excessive chlorine! then with water receiving cup after cup of water purification filter, with the same detection methods, or if flavored, then the bad effects purifier dechlorination.

4. Dispenser check at home or if the inner wall of the kettle with a layer of significant scale. If so, also shows that the local water hardness is too high, a high content of calcium and magnesium ions. Then use clean drinking water purifier or kettle will boil purified water, drinking continuously for about a week or burn to check whether there is still scale the inner wall of the kettle, or drinking when, whether Sese feeling, some it indicates that the water purifier softening effect is not good.

Of course, those of ordinary domestic water, function enough water purifier, the water hardness is too high if it is necessary to select a water purifier having a function of demineralized water, Common water purification machine does not have this feature. If the higher quality requirements of water, to drink straight effect, may be selected of pure water.