Do Falan Ni water purifier can easily shop, learn about investment policy

Falan Ni purifier can do to make money? How to Falan Ni water purifier strength? In today it seems the industry has been saturated, but in fact the second and third tier cities of penetration is still low. Well, so much industry brand, to join Falan Ni water purifier really good? Next to introduce conditions for joining and joining fee Falan Ni water purifiers, water purifiers Falan Ni provide some basic information to investors to join, I hope to help you. (Source: Falan Ni clean water organ network, invasion deleted) water purifier investment Falan Ni basic information Falan Ni purifier Join us basic investment: the number of stores within 100 000: 100 the following brand names: Falan Ni net water brand founded: 2000 joined the agency areas: National for the crowd: their own businesses (source: Falan Ni clean water organ network, invasion deleted) Falan Ni purifier initial fee joining fee: None Description: franchisee to brand royalties paid by manufacturers brand equity margin: None Description: the headquarters of the credit guarantee, is not illegal refundable purchase the first batch of gold: None Description: the two sides expressed sincere cooperation requires agents to join Falan Ni purifier 1. there certain financial and management capacity. 2. or to establish a team of 5-10 people. 3. There are more than 60 square meters of office space. 4. The success of a brand or product operational experience. 5. have long-term experience in brand awareness 6. With a good business reputation, professionalism and personal reputation dealers 1. bottled water, home improvement, home appliances, such as property managers or employees. 2. own business or have a certain customer, personal network, channel resource base. 3. There are special relations resources background. 4. Users have developed through training or experience to get to develop, maintain user skills. (Source: Falan Ni clean water organ network, invasion deleted) second and third tier cities still a huge consumption potential, who can seize the market to achieve the final victory. Falan Ni water purifier is a big brand in the minds of consumers has a good reputation. Would like further details Falan Ni water purification requirements, please join online message or call us.