NSF official certification MICRONOSE net kettle Promotions

water purification concept has now become popular in Chinese cities, while This category net kettle water to improve Chinese family environment plays a significant role. How to buy a professional, cost-effective products net kettle it is an issue related to the current users are most concerned about. I recommend MICRONOSEApollo net kettle for you, Jingdong Mall special promotions, coupons brought more cost-effective.

this product through the United States NSF certification, use more confidence! What NSF that? NSFInternational is the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization core cooperation mechanism on food safety, water quality and indoor environment, and simply put, this is one from almost represents the world's highest standard of health non-profit certification organization the United States, United States and even more national governments and the WHO global on water, food and health requirements of the standard, it comes from.

while retaining the beneficial agent by filtration

Nose self-developed micro-filter can be appropriately retained calcium and magnesium, potassium metasilicate, while the heavy metal filter, impurities and other harmful substances and other beneficial minerals, triplet filtered drinking water to ensure family health.


to ensure healthy drinking water filter triplet

The first filter may intercept interception weight algae, sediment and impurities hair, forming a preliminary water purification; second heavy MesoNose art filter which can effectively absorb water, heavy metals, chlorine, color and odor and organic potassium, calcium and magnesium and other minerals can retain and improve taste; third high-precision weight PP cotton, fine filter, to ensure water clean. Even if the filter will not be a long soak in water to precipitate impurities, use more confidence.