Six types of common water purifier filter water purifier to buy before must see!

As the water purification filter inside the core member, consumers do not understand it, in the purchase and maintenance of the water purifier will Joji puzzled. Xiao Bian gave you about the most common water purifier six cartridges.


water filter cartridge must see six common water purifier before the purchase!

a, pp cotton filter

by a non-toxic, odorless polypropylene particles made of a tubular filter element, able to filter sediment, rust, colloid, eggs and other impurities, usually as a first stage water filter cartridge, the replacement cycle of 2-4 months.

Second, the activated carbon filter

into granular activated carbon filter and the compressed activated carbon filter, sintered activated carbon. Filter innermost polypropylene backbone, the backbone multilayer package has fine polypropylene fibers, low surface density, the replacement cycle is generally 6-8 months.

Third, the hollow fiber membrane

covered with a microporous hollow fiber tubes, the water to filter macromolecules by external pressure type or internal pressure, the suspension can be filtered off solids, particulates, colloids, viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances, the replacement period is 12-24 months.

IV, the RO reverse osmosis membrane

considering a reverse osmosis membrane pore size of 0.0001 microns, at a certain pressure, the water molecules can pass, while dissolved salts, colloids, organic matter, heavy metals other species of bacteria, viruses, etc. will be retained, the replacement period is 12-24 months.

Fifth, the post carbon filter (T33 filter)

Activated carbon materials are, as a final filter, further action is to remove the odor, chlorine and inhibit bacteria and prevent secondary purified water pollution and improve the taste of purified water, the purified water to drink up and drink better. Replacement cycle is 6-8 months.

VI resin filter

Some uses household water purifier cartridge for installation of a large area of ??water hardness, is the role of demineralized water, the replacement cycle of 6-8 months .

The above is a brief introduction about the relevant common water purifier six cartridges, hope to help you understand water purifier filter, to facilitate understanding of the structure and the optional water purifier.