Maintenance of the water purifier to share with those in need

With the popularity of food safety, people have begun to recognize the importance of safe drinking water to health and even life, herding water purifier market is entering a period, which is the water purification industry into the beginning of a wave of small climax, net water market is gradually broke out. But only know purchased and installed a water purifier, but had to learn to use a water filter, so today we tell you that the daily use of water purifier in the process, need to pay attention to what?


First, the fear of exposure and cold water purifier. , The northern winter cold, summer heat south, the water purifier is not suitable for outdoor installation, water purifier summer to aging under the scorching sun exposure in the winter temperature is too low inside the water will freeze, will damage the water purifier, so water purifier suitable for installation indoors cool place, not too close to a heat source.

Second, not using water purifiers, water purifiers require rinsing, if the two three days without the use of water purifiers, water purifiers which excessive bacteria, the need for flush water purifier, replaced with fresh water after use will be more secure, to develop good habits often rinse water purifier.

Third, the filter life issues. Within the water purifier filter life depends on a variety of raw water quality and water consumption, if the raw water quality is poor, it will shorten the life of the filter element, too much water will also affect filter life. In use for some time, if found significant deterioration of taste, or water yield significantly smaller, generally speaking, it is a filter should be replaced.

Fourth, the water pressure to stabilize. Water pressure will suddenly large and small water hammer phenomenon, excessive instantaneous pressure water purifier easily damage the inner member, so that when installing a water purifier may be installed pre-purifier special valve, or out in a short time without water purifier you need to close the inlet valve, so water purifier water pressure from the impact, which can extend the life of the water purifier.

Fifth, the pure water production unit. Water machine water production and has a lot of raw water, raw water quality, water temperature and water pressure will determine the water production.

VI purifier troubleshooting. When water purifiers failure Turn off the water inlet valve, cutting off water, then disconnect the power, call shops, household water purification equipment is professional misplaced, the structure is more complex, their own free disassembly easy to leak, leakage, even accidents can happen, so if a problem occurs, pleaseContact a professional home maintenance debugging.