How clean the kitchen water purifier


people need to wash your face every day, the machine also needs routine maintenance. So it's safe to run, then how clean the kitchen water purifier it?

life, the quality of our drinking water pollution increasingly serious, when you are still entangled in the home when it is necessary to install water purifier it? problem, many families have to protect the health of drinking water purifier to become mainstream products, water purifiers, although we can help filter water, make water more healthy, but if not cleaned for a long time, too will affect its purifying effect, 2020-06-04'll take a look at your skills to clean water purifier it!

water purifier for the first time should be rinsed to wash away the protective liquid in the water purifier .

as follows: The water faucet, water inlet valve, fully open the tap purification, 15 minutes up until the rinse water is clear without producing foam. Frequently during flushing tap switch (3 seconds off, 10 seconds apart) so formed pulsatile flow impact, better flushing will. After closing the discharge tap, the tap opens the purge, after 5 minutes of water can be used normally.

often shun flushing: during daily use of tap water for water purification machines is carried out along the wash, it is recommended to open the tap after access to purified water rinse, wash away the timely interception of pollutants maintain high water purifier water flux, thus prolonging the life.

Recovery backwash water production: if the water purifier through the forward flushing water production is still relatively small, may be considered to backwash water purifier. Usually there is a button on the backwash water purifier, the water back flush may be achieved, in order to flush the filter plugs.

Here we introduce several common water purifier cleaning method, you can learn more about the next.

1, a pressure filtration method

According to investigation there is a pressure filtration method using specialized mechanical cleaning of household water purifiers on the market today. When washing, the lower end of the washing machine water inlet to the water purifiers, water purifiers the other end to the drain port, forming a closed loop, while using the cleaning agent for disinfection. The method utilizes the cyclic pressure cleaning of the machine itself, may be sufficient to achieve the purpose of cleaning, and can be discharged by mechanical pressure scale and impurities.

2, ozone sterilization method

ozone sterilization method is the use of ozone sterilization to achieve the purpose of cleaning the water purifier during cleaning, emptying the machine after the water left, the upper inlet docking interfaces and disinfection of the water purifier, ozone injecting water purifier tank, after about 20 minutes after the fumigation, installed after the bucket release a small amount of water. Since the half-life of ozone at room temperature for 20-50 minutes, can be decomposed within several hours, raw oxide into harmless oxygen, water and carbon dioxide, ozone sterilization after cleaning, one or two hours can have access to safe the water. It is to be noted that this cleaning method can not be removed other impurities scale water purification.

3, tablets, disinfectant cleaning method

Cleaning home water purifier tank employed more common method is to use special disinfectant or decontamination effervescent. It is understood that chlorine-containing effervescent tablets decontamination after hydrolysis, can effectively kill E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and other bacteria.

household water purifiers well help us purify water, let us drink clean, healthy water, but also pay attention to routine maintenance and cleaning, we believe we will have more content more or less understand, I hope this article can help to you.

Editor: Zhang Fu