Lequan- installing a water purifier if he did not tangle

as sterilization, boil some water to drink. It is able to boil water to kill the bacteria, but the body of bacteria and other harmful substances still remaining in the water, a source of heat in the body, that is medically called "induced heat and mass."

Traditional precipitate was filtered chlorination process, the chlorine with water rot melanin synthesis as chloroform, are recognized carcinogens world. Water till chloroform between 90 to 100 degrees is three to four times the raw water. Scientific research shows that fish directly with tap water fish survival rate is very low, but the fish and the large volume compared to chlorine poisoning on the human body is not immediately apparent. People in the bath, the body's absorption of chlorine is hundreds of times when drinking water.

boiled water loses large amounts of oxygen, cold water to water the flowers wilted flower is not spent relations oxygen from the water. Of body weight and 60% -70% water, the infant can reach more than 70%, the cell metabolism by the oxygen in the water to complete. Therefore, drinking water is very detrimental to the body of oxygen.


well water, ground water is not safe. Acid rain, industrial and agricultural waste water into the ground on Earth caused by pollution, causing deep well although there is no serious water pollution, but its calcium and magnesium ion content, long-term consumption and easy to get cardiovascular, gallstones and other diseases. Deep well alkaline, acid-base balance and body needs, requirements of the body of water is weakly basic.

national survey, bottled water Sancheng failed, which far exceeded the number of colonies group. Except for production reasons, the reason most of the tub, wherein the salt is contained carcinogens. Large brand-name water production plant is allowed to substitute other companies barrels, buckets because they are non-toxic ABS plastic to do.


barreled pure water filter out harmful substances in water, but also filter out the nutrients in the water, and minerals and some trace elements in the water, the normal operation of the human body organ function, metabolism and balanced nutrition plays a very important role. Long-term drinking purified water bottled white hair, hair loss, fatigue, decreased immunity and other symptoms appear.

Some people noticed the quality of bottled water, drink production date, production plant of regular bottled water, and drinking within 3 days. But still reluctant to use bought water wash rice, vegetables, cooking or washing white clothes, water pollution can not be avoided fundamentally.

Many families precipitate water after use, so that part of the bacteria, an impurity sinkLake, but the water tanks, tubs have a lot of scale difficult to clean, heat pipe solar water heater is also due to scale from clogging seriously affect their life and affect the safety of its use.

mineral water standards are very high, to within a radius of 10 km there is no industrial and agricultural pollution and then hit the ground 500 meters deep well water filtration, we really do not know China is a piece of pure land.

At this stage, the best solution is to own a home improvement water purifier!

water purifier expensive? Quite expensive .. just to get into the parking lot spend $ 5 parking fee, do not want to pay parking fees casual parking, etc. may be the ticket is $ 200, then to not upset! water purifier is the same total thirty-two spend a thousand dollars, I do not want to spend money, may harm the health of the whole family, but do not lose the greater!

took a meal to eat money to buy a water purifier, you can drink from a health good fresh water, are not subject to the water pollution problems, then do not worry about the water has chlorine secondary pollution, high-rise towers, toxic lead pipes and taps. There are fake bottled water.

but you could just use the money to eat and drink a meal of it.

I used the money invested in health, water purifier is my family and in vitro kidney, because the kidney good water liberation of the whole family, no longer have to worry about pollution damage to health, no longer have to fear water pollution The hospital kidney transplant.

water purifier work? Ah year can intercept a lot of water garbage!

a year about 2600 mg rust, ten years is 26,000 mg, about 9600 mm a year, organic matter (two two pesticides) years is 96 000 mm can be (a couple of pounds of pesticides) about 500 a year, sediment impurities, ten years is 5000 mg.

purifier. I am with you still watching! Really do not wait until you lose your health, then think of water purifier, too finished! Lose your health, no amount of value creation is all in vain!

to be healthy, good to drink ! water in the current increasingly serious water pollution today, the water purifier is the best way to solve the drinking water of view do not forget, and quickly install water purifiers it

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