Lu Quan water purifier uphold the -artisan spirit- as a pure product

During the "two sessions", Premier Li Keqiang mentioned at the center-left government report: "to encourage enterprises to carry out customization, flexible production, foster excellence artisan spirit, by species, raise quality and brand." "Craftsman spirit of" first appeared in the government work report, refreshing. So why so much importance to the Prime Minister "craftsman spirit" mean? As early as January 4 this year, Premier Li Keqiang when attending a forum about the coal industry, iron and steel overcapacity, for example China still can not die steel production, such as ball-point pen "ball "needs to be imported.

Perhaps many people think craftsman is a mechanical repetition of workers exposed in the spring it seems to actually have a more far-reaching meaning craftsmen. It represents the qualities of an era, firm, steadfast, the better. According to statistics, more than 200 years of corporate life, Japan 3146, is the world's largest, in Germany 837, the Netherlands 222, France 196. Why do these companies get together and longevity appear in these countries, is a chance it? What is their secret to longevity? They are exactly the kind of spiritual heritage of the Prime Minister mentioned "craftsman spirit"!

[ 123] excellence: attention to detail, striving for perfection and the ultimate hesitate to spend time and effort, tireless, repeated improve the product, the 99% increase to 99.99%.

rigorous, meticulous: not opportunistic, strict product testing standards, does not meet the requirements will not be easily delivered.

patience, dedication, adhere to: improve product and service, because the real craftsman in the professional field will not stop the pursuit of progress.

professionalism, dedication: Craftsman spiritual goal is to create the industry's highest quality products, unmatched by other peers superior products.

When it comes to all the above, the water purifier has exposed springs. In production, Lu Quan people for each gap, are meticulously processed, for each part, are carefully polished. For each package packing machines are to conduct a complete inspection, reject any flaws into the market. Whether it is the country store shopping guide service, or service, as far as possible are exposed Springs intimate, perfect. Lu Quan water purifier has been committed to creating high-end smart water purifier, attention to product quality, adhere to the conscience products, quality products, high-end smart product!

because the product is the lifeblood of a business, goodThe product is like a steady stream of running water, to inject vitality into the enterprise infinite, so too long to develop. Lu Quan water purifier aware of this truth, so they are "craftsman spirit of" the pursuit of ultimate quality products. For example, in appearance, the whole process work hard, pay particular attention to improving core functions, in water purification effect, the life of the machine, leak detection, reduce noise and other aspects do optimization; another example, more emphasis on practicality and functional differences in the functional diversification, sound and so do the upgrade, made to meet consumer products.

"has a craftsman spirit, respected state and national artisan spirit, is bound to be less impetuous, more pure; less opportunistic, more down to earth; less profit-oriented, more focused lasting; a little less crudely , more superior product quality. "Lu Quan water purifier believe no matter how many years will uphold their" craftsman spirit ", with more quality products to more consumers!